2Confirmatioun to the burgh of Edinburgh of thair annuellis

Oure soverane lord, with avise of his estaitis in parliament, hes ratifiet and apprevit and be the tennour of this present act ratifies and apprevis the act maid ofbefoir in the parliament haldin at Edinburgh, the fyft day of Junii the yeir of God jM vC fourscoir tuelf yeiris in favour of the provest, ballies, counsaill and communitie of the burgh of Edinburgh, be quhilk oure said soverane lord and his estaitis foirsaidis than ratifiet and apprevit the donationis and mortificationis maid be his hienes umquhile darrest mother in hir perfite aige and be his hienes self at dyvers tymes sen his majesties coronatioun off all landis, tenementis, annuelrentis, utheris proffeittis and commodities quhatsumevir mentionat in the said act quhillkis wer gevin and doitit for sustenatioun of the ministrie, hospitallis and college of the said burgh, as at mair lenth is contenit in the said act in all pointis, clauses, articles and circumstances thairof, quhilkis ar haldin for expressit in this present act. Attour, oure said soverane lord and his saidis estaitis revoikis, retreittis and rescindis all and sindrie infeftmentis, giftes and dispositionis maid be oure said soverane lord to quhatsumevir persoun or personis off the saidis landis, tenementis, annuelrentis, utheris dewties and commodities quhatsumevir sen the daitis respective of the infeftmentis, giftes and dispositionis maid thairof, to the saidis provest, ballies, counsaill and comunitie of the said burgh of Edinburgh for sustentatioun of the said ministrie, hospitallis and college, and declaris the same, with all that followit thairupoun, to be in all tymes cuming and to have bene in all tymes bigane null and of nane availl3 and that the personis, obtenaris of the saidis infeftmentis, giftis and dispositionis, sall nevir be hard to move actioun nor quarrell thairupoun nor found ony exceptioun or defence be vertew thairof aganis the saidis provest, ballies, counsaill and communitie and thair successouris, to the effect that thai in all tymes heireftir, without ony impediment or obstacle, may peceablie bruik the saidis landis, tenementis, annuelrentis, utheris emolumentis and proffeittis, to the use quhairto thai wer gevin ofbefoir as said is.


  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.20r-20v.
  2. The letters 'V.P.' written in the margin. It appears that this has either been crossed out or changed to 'F' by two strokes across the top of the letter.
  3. APS reads 'and of nane availl, force nor effect', which is taken from the contemporary printed collection of acts, Sir John Skene, Lawes and Actes of Parliament, maid be King James the First and his successors Kings of Scotland - The XIII Parliament, halden at Edinburgh, the aucht daie of Junij, the yeir of God, ane thousand, five hundreth, foure score fourtene yeirs (Edinburgh, 1597), p.140.
  4. 'Particularis' written in the margin between these acts.