2Anent the commoun gude of burrowis

Oure soverane lord, understanding dyvers of the maist ancient burrowis within this realme to be greitlie decayit be want of traffique and sic uther helpis quhairby thay wer mentenit ofbefoir, having small commoun guid and patrimonie, not able to interteney the publict occasioun of his hienes service in parliamentis, conventionis of burrowis and utheris necessair adois and assemblies, intervening for the publict estait of the realme, farless to interteny the quiet and gude estait of the saidis burrowis in peace and weir, and nevirtheles be procurement of particular personis affecting thair privat commoditie and nawyis respecting the weill publict the small patrimonie aptening to the burrowis hes bene convertit and desyrit to be convertit to particuler uses, to the quhilkis the same was nevir convertit of befoir, makand thairby the inhabitantis of the saidis burrowis (quha ar becum alreddie depauperat) to be unhable ather for his hienes service or to sustene the estait of the burgh, and that under pretext of certane pretendit commissionis purchest fra his hienes, with decreittis, sentencis and ordinances interponit thairto; for remeid quhairof, his hienes, with advise and consent of the estaitis of this present parliament, has decernit, concludit and ordanit and be thir presentis decernis, concludis and ordanis that the commoun guid and patrimonie of the saidis burrowis3 salbe yeirlie bestowit at the sicht of the magistratis and counsell of the saidis burrowis to the doing of the commoun effayres thairof allanerlie after the yeirlie rowping and setting thairof as use is, conforme to his majesties former actis and statutis maid anent the employing of the commoun guid within the saidis burrowis, and that the samyn be na utherwayis bestowit or convertit to quhatsumevir use or alteratioun maid thairanent in haill or in pert nochtwithstanding of quhatsumevir commissioun, charge or directioun gevin be his majestie at ony tyme heirtofoir be procurement of particuler parties in the contrair, and notwithstanding quhatsumevir statute, ordinance or decreit following or proceding thairupoun, quhilkis commissionis, chargis, decreittis and ordinances, with all that hes followit or may follow thairupoun, his majestie, with avise foirsaid, expreslie reducis, retreittis and rescindis be thir presentis, and ordanis publicatioun to be maid heirupoun to all and sindrie his hienes leigis, that nane of thame pretend ignorance, in forme as effeiris.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.19v.
  2. The letter 'V.' written in the margin.
  3. APS changes this to '[all burrowis within this realme]'.