2Annexatioun of the propirtie to the croun that wes nocht annext ofbefoir

Oure soverane lord and estaitis of this present parliament, considdering the dalie incres of his hienes chargis and expenses and diminutioun of his hienes rentis of his propirtie and commodities throw unproffitable dispositionis maid thairof in tyme bygane, thairfoir thinkis expedient that the landis and lordschippis undirwrittin be annexit to the croun and presentlie annexis the same thairto, followand the example of his predicessouris for the honorable support of his estait, and the same landis, lordschippis and utheris heireftir specifiet to remane perpetuallie with the croun, quhilkis may nather be gevin away in frie franctenement, pensioun or ony uther dispositioun to ony persoun of quhat estait or degrie that evir he be off, without advise, decreit and deliverance of the haill parliament; and for greit ressonable caus concerning the weilfair of the realme, first to be advysit and digestlie considderit be the haill estaitis. And albeit it salhappin oure soverane lord that now is or ony of his successouris kingis of Scotland to annalie and dispone the saidis lordschippis, landis, castellis, townis, donationis and advocatioun of the kirkis and hospitallis, with the pertinentis annext to the croun as said is, utherwayis that the same alienatiounis and dispositionis salbe of nane availl, bot that it salbe lesum to his hienes and his successouris to ressave the same landis and rentis to thair awin use quhenevir it lykis thame, without ony process of law, and the takaris to refound and pay all proffittis that thay have taken up thairof agane to his hienes and his successouris use for all the tyme that thay have haid thame, with sic uther restrictionis as ar contenit in the actis of parliament maid be his maist noble progenitouris kingis of Scotland in thair annexationis to the croun, thay ar to say the landis of Bewfort, the landis of Pettindreicht, the landis of Coull, the landis of Oneill, the landis of Fettircarne, the landis of Teling and Polgavie, the landis of Colbrandispeth, the erledome of Merch, the landis of Trabeauch and Terrinyeane, the landis of Carrik, Lesualt and Mennybrig, the landis of Cowell, the lands and lordschip of Galloway, abone and beneth Crie, the landis of Duncow, the castell landis of Lochmaben, the landis of Glenchurny and Glenmoreistoun, the landis of Discher and Toyer, the landis of Kinclevin, the lordschip of Menteith, the landis of Rosnyth, the landis of Bute, the landis of Ruthven in Cromar, the assyis hering in the eist and wast seis, the lordschip of Dunbar, the landis of Normangill, Quhitgill and Southwod, the landis of Dundonnald, the kingis werk in Leith, the kingis stable, the kingis medow, the palice yardis and park of Haliruidhous, the lordschip of Linlithgw, without prejudice of the former annexationis of the landis and lordschippis abonewrittin, or ony of thame gif ony be maid ofbefoir, with tennentis, tenandries, service of frie tennentis.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.17v.
  2. The letter 'V.' written in the margin.