2Anent confirmationis of kirklandis subscryvit of auld be the king and under the privie seill

Oure soverane lord understanding dyvers infeftmentis of fewferme to have bene grantit of auld be the prelattis of this realme of thair temporall landis in favoris of his leigis lauchfullie maid for just causes and with all sollempnities requisit, and sindrie of the saidis infeftmentis nocht onlie grantit be the saidis prelattis and thair convent under thair commoun seallis and subscriptionis, bot als bethe speciall consent and authoritie of his hienes predicessouris of guid memorie, namelie his g[races] darrest guidschir King James the fyft under his subscriptioun and privie seill, quhilkis according to the estait of tyme wer lauchfull securitie to the ressaveris thairof and neidit na particular confirmatioun to be interponit thairto, aither be authoritie of the Pape or of oure soverane lordis predicessouris, thair being na law, statute nor constitutioun ressavit obleissing the subjectis thairto; and in incace ony confirmatioun haid bene requisit, the samyin culd import na forder in effect or substance than the consent of the prince under his seill and subscriptioun. According to the quhilkis infeftmentis, the fewaris and utheris having richt fra thame, thair successouris, alsweill particuler as universall, hes bene establisched in the full richt of the saidis temporall landis pertening to the saidis prelattis be virtew of the saidis fewis sua sett in maner foirsaid, and nevirtheless utheris affecting the same kirklandis; and takand occasioun of certain lait statutis maid anent the confirmatioun of the saidis kirklandis quhilkis tuik beginning and first fundament anent the fewis of kirklandis sett sen the moneth of Merche the yeir of God jM vC fiftie aucht yeris, albeit be posterioure statutis extentioun is maid baith to new and auld fewis, hes purchest on thair pretendit maner oure soverane lordis confirmatioun thairupoun, to the prejudice of the saidis first fewaris, tending to exclude and debar thame thairby fra thair richt and to acquire the propirtie of the saidis landis to thame selffis onlie upoun pretext of the said confirmatioun. His hienes, nocht willing that the lauchfull richtis and securities of parties acquirit be thame efter sa lang space salbe hurt or prejudgeit be quhatsumevir lawes or constitutionis subsequent, or that strangearis and thrid personis quha hes nevir bene kyndlie tennentis in the saidis landis sall upoun new fewis and confirmationis thairof purchest be thame prejuge the saidis first fewaris onlie upoun pretext of wanting of ane ordiner confirmatioun according to the saidis lait statutis, oure soverane lord, with advise and consent of the estaitis assembled in this present parliament, hes statute, concludit, decernit and ordanit and be thir presentis statutis, concludis, decernis and ordanis all and sindre the saidis infeftmentis of fewferme sett of auld be the prelattis of this realme to quhatsumevir his hienes leigis and subjectis of quhatsumevir temporall landis, offices, rentis, rowmes and possessionis, being auctorized be the subscriptioun of his said guidschir or any his predicessouris and thair privie seill in taking of thair consent interponit thairto, to have bene fra the beginning, to be presentlie and in all tyme cuming guid, valide, lauchtfull, perfite and effectuall infeftmentis to the awnaris thairof, thair aris and successouris alsweill particuler as universall, to the effect thay may peceablie bruik, joyis and posses the landis and utheris contenit thairintill; and, gif neid beis, to call and persew be vertew thairof quhatsumevir personis, purchessaris of ony posteriour infeftmentis of the samyn landis, with his hienes confirmationis interponit thairto, for retreiting and rescinding thairof and the saidis first infeftmentis sua maid and grantit as said is to mak full faith in jugement and outwith to produce full actioun and exceptioun and to be preferrit to quhatsumevir posteriour infeftmentis, notwithstanding the samyn wantis ane ordiner confirmatioun, having the consent, subscriptioun and privie seill as said is and sua oft as the samyn salbe producit in jugement, ather for fundament of ony actioun or for preving of ony exceptioun or reply in quhatsumevir jugement or instance quhairas the contraversie sall stand upoun want and inlaik of confirmatioun, and that ather the Papis confirmatioun or his hienes or his predicessouris confirmatioun is alleagit and offerit to be provin in forma specifica upoun mutuall conventioun of mentinence of tua dyvers fewis: the ane auld sett with the saidis sollempnities, and the uther lait and new auctorizit be confirmatioun, quhether the same be befoir litiscontestatioun, or thaireftir usit for probatioun of the libell, exceptioun or reply in quhatsumevir instance ather upoun persute of reductioun or utherwayes, the samyn salbe haldin and repute now and in all tyme heireftir als valide and sufficient in all respectis and to preive als sufficientlie the libell, exceptioun or reply admittit, allthocht the pairty be burdynnit with productioun of the Papis or his hienes confirmatioun, as gif ane lauchtfull confirmatioun maist sollempnitlie past in the court of Rome be proces of commissioun or utherwayis be his hienes or his predicessouris in maist ample forme, with all sollempnities requisit, wer producit, and the libell, exceptioun or reply foundit upoun the said infeftment, or upoun oure soverane lordis confirmatioun, or the Paipis confirmatioun alleagit requisit thairto, to be als sufficientlie provin in all respectis be productioun of the said infeftment, with this present act of parliament, as gif ane ordiner confirmatioun wes producit; and this present act of parliament to be ressavit in all jugementis heireftir, alsweill intentit and depending in quhatsumevir pert of the proces as to be intentit, and to be observit universallie as ane perpetuall law in all tymes heireftir. And willis and declaris that thir presentis sall mak expres dirogatioun to quhatsumevir actis, statutis, or constitutionis of parliament preceding anent the confirmatioun of the fewis of kirklandis or anent double confirmationis and prerogative thairof.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.12r-12v.
  2. The letter 'V.' written in the margin.