2Aganis the sayaris of messe and ressattaris or interteneyaris of excomunicat papistes

It is statute and ordanit that incace in tyme cuming ony persoun or personis say messe, or ressett and interteney willinglie be the space of thre nichtis togidder, or thre nichtis at severall tymes, excomunicat Jesuittis or trafficquing papistes aganis the kingis majestie and religioun presentlie professit and establisched within this realme, the samyn being deulie and lauchfullie tryit, sall verifie and infer the deid to have bene of the knawlege and guidwill of the persoun or personis accusit; thairfoir, quha being convict of the premises, or ony of thame, thair eschaet for the first falt sall fall and becum in his majesties handes and salbe intromettitwith to his hienes propre use; and being convict thairof the secund tyme, sall amit and tyne thair lyverent of quhatsumevir thair landis, possessionis, utheris guidis and geir; and being accusit and convict thairfoir the thrid tyme, sall incur the pane of tressone, and the proces and dome of foirfaltoure salbe ordourlie led, pronuncit and execute aganis thame with all rigour.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.10r.
  2. The letter 'V.' written in the margin.