Act in favour of David Cuninghame of Robertland

2Oure soverane lord and estaitis of parliament, understanding that be act and ordinance of secreit counsaill and act of parliament ratifeand the samyne, the keping of the place of Robertland wes comittit to Robert, maistir of Eglintoun, during the tyme it suld happin David Cuninghame of Robertland to remane at the horne and nocht to underly the law for airt and pairt of the slauchter of umquhile Hew, erll of Egglintoun, and ay and quhill it suld pleis his majestie to declair his expres will in the contrair, and for the better keping thairof, assignand monethlie to the said Robert, maistir of Egglintoun, and sex keparis of the samyne, everie ane of the saidis sex personis sex pundis monethlie out of the reddiest of his leving, as the said act of the dait the xiij day of August, the yeir of God jM vC lxxxvj yeiris at mair lenth proportis; and seing that sensyne it hes pleasit his majestie upoun dyverse greit motives and respectis to ressave him in the nowmer of his majesties subjectis, to relax him fra the said proces of horne and to grant him remissioun thairfoir, and that he in consideratioun thairof offerit, as he yit dois, to abyde the tryall of the lawis for the cryme foirsaid, thair wes ane speciall act of secreit counsaill maid and sett doun in his favouris thairanent, decerning and declaring in effect baith the saidis actis of secreit counsaill and parliament, and all thingis that followit thairupoun, to ceise and have na executioun at ony tyme thaireftir safar as the samyn is or may be extendit to the said toure, fortalice and maner place of Robertland and uptaking of the said Davidis leving or ony pairt thairof for the keping of the same, to the effect that he micht enter thairto, peceablie bruik and joyse the samyn; togidder with his haill landis, takkis, steddingis, rowmes and possessionis quhatsumevir, but stop, truble or impediment to be maid to him, his tennetis or servandis be the said maistir of Eglintoun or his servandis in his name at ony tyme heireftir be vertew of the saidis actis or utherwayis; and als ordinand lettres to be directit aganis him for randering thairof in maner specefiit in the said act of secreit counsaill, as in the samyn of the dait at Edinburgh, the xxiiij day of Merche, the yeir of God jM vC lxxxxj yeiris, at mair lenth is contenit. And now his majestie, alwayes willing that the samyn act sall ressaif the awin effect and executioun, and that the foirsaidis uther anteriour actis baith of secreit counsaill and parliament sett down in favouris of the said maistir of Eglintoun as said is, salbe cleine abolischit and altogidder takin away, thairfoir his hienes, with advise of the saidis estaitis, hes ratifiet and approvin and, be the tennour heirof, ratifies and apprevis the foirsaid act of secreit counsaill maid in favouris of the said David Cuninghame of Robertland as is abonewrittin, of the dait abonespecefiit, in all and sindre pointis, heidis, pasis, articles, clausis and circumstances thairin contenit efter the forme and tennour thairof in all pointis; and willis and declaris that this present ratificatioun is, and salbe, als sufficient as gif the samyne act wer at lenth ingrossit heirin. Lyk as alsua his hienes, with avise foirsaid, ratifies quhatsumevir lettres of grace, remissionis or relaxationis grantit to the said David for the slauchter foirsaid; and als willis and declaris that the samyn ar and salbe valide and sufficient to him for saiftie of his lyf, bruiking of his hous foirsaid, and all utheris his housis, landis, heretages, takis, steddingis, rowmes and possessionis haid and to be haid in all tyme cuming at his plesir, nochtwithstanding the foirsaidis actis of secreit counsaill and parliament maid in favouris of the said Robert, maistir of Eglintoun, as said is, quhilkis ar, and salbe, be vertew of thir presentis, alluterlie removit and perpetuallie abolissit as gif the samyn haid nevir bene maid, safar as the samyn extendis or may be extendit to the said lard of Robertland, his said tour, fortalice and maner place of Robertland, and uptaking of ony pairt of his leving for keping thairof allanerlie, with speciall provisioun that the said David Cuninghame, befoir the extracting of this act, grant and subscrive sufficient dischargis to the said Robert, maistir of Eglintoun, his cautionaris, assisteris and partakaris, of all his intromissioun with the said place of Robertland, rentis and dewties of his leving quhatsumever intromettitwith be the said maistir of Eglintoun or ony utheris in his name, and of all utheris thair procedingis thairanent proceding the day and dait heirof; and als the said David Cuninghame findand sufficient cautioun actit in the buikis of counsaill under the pane of [...] that nane of the personis committaris of the slauchter of the said umquhile erll of Eglintoun salbe ressett within the said place of Robertland at na tyme heireftir. And forder, his hienes and estaitis foirsaidis declaris that it salbe lesum to the said David Cuninghame to intromettwith and uptak the haill bygane males, fermes and dewties of the landis and leving of Robertland, restand as yit in the tennentis handes, unupliftit be Robert, maistir of Eglintoun, his servandis and doaris, to be disponit be the said David as he sall think expedient in tyme cuming.

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  2. Written in margin: 'P'.