Ratificatioun to Maister Henrie Keir

2Oure soverane lord, havand consideratioun of the lang and trew service done be his lovit domestick servitour Maistir Henrie Keir of Grenelaw, alsweill to his majesties self as to his umquhile darrest mother, but especiallie to his darrest cousing, Esme, umquhile duk of Lennox, for quhais effayres the said Maistir Henrie maid greit debursementis and advancementis of silver as yit nocht refoundit unto him, and quhairof he hes na securitie, bat onlie ane infeftment maid to him and his aris of the manis and mylne of Darnelie, lyand within the baronie of Darnelie and schiredome of Renfrew, and his majestie, nawyis willing that the said Maistir Henrie be prejugeit in the securitie of his advancementis foirsaidis, quhilkis wer maid for the maist part at his maieties awin command, thairfoir, with avise of the estaitis of this parliament, ratifies and apprevis the infeftment maid be his said umquhile darrest cousing Esme, duke of Lennox, to the said Maistir Henrie and his aris contenit thairinto, off all and haill the manis and mylne of Darnelie lyand as said is, togidder with the seasing following thairupoun, in all the pointis, clausis and articles thairof, and declaris that the samyn nather cumis under his majesties revocatioun, nor na uther revocatioun maid be his hienes of befoir, bot that the said infeftment sall stand in the full force and effect from the beginning and in all tymes cuming unquarrellit or challengit be his hienes, or ony uther haveand richt or power of his majestie in ony maner of way; lyk as also his majestie, with advise of his saidis estaitis, hes ratifiet and apprevit the uther infeftment maid be his majestie to the said Maistir Henrie and his aris foirsaidis of the saidis landis efter his hienes first generall revocatioun maid in the parliament haldin in Julii 1587 and his perfite aige of xxj yeris at that tyme compleit; as alsua ratifies and apprevis the last infeftment maid to the said Maistir Henrie and his aris abone specefiit of the samyn landis in the moneth of December last, efter his majesties perfite aige of tuentie fyve yeris and efter the new generall revocatioun maid be his majestie in the moneth of August of befoir; fra the quhilkis revocationis oure said soverane lord, with advise of the saidis estaitis of parliament, declaris the saidis infeftmentis maid to the said Maistir Henrie and his aris baith of befoir and now, to be expreslie exceptit and nocht to be comprehendit within the boundis thairof, bot the samyn to be valide and effectuall in all tymes cuming as said is, but prejudice alwayes of the reversioun of tua thowsand pundis grantit be the said Maistir Henrie to the said duke of Lennox for redemptioun of the saidis landis and mylne of Darnelie.

  1. NAS, PA2/14, ff.57v-58r.
  2. Written in margin: 'P'.