Ratificatioun to Maister George Young, archedeane of Sanctandrois

2Oure soverane lord and estaitis of this present parliament, respecting the gude, trew, thankfull and acceptable service done to his hienes thir mony yeris bygane be his weilbelovit servitour Maistir George Young, archedene of Sanctandrois, in greit and wechtie effayres of his estait, baith within and without the realme, quhairof he hes worthelie dischargit him to his hienes honour and contentment; and finding it, in that respect, maist ressonable that the pensionis within mentionat ather grantit to him immediatlie be his hienes in a remembrance of his said service, or gevin to him be uthris and confirmed be his majestie, suld be the approbatioun of the saidis estaitis in parliament be maid effectuall and valide to him and his according to the content and tennour thairof in all pointis; thairfoir his hienes, with avise foirsaid, ratifies and apprevis the gift of pensioun of tua hundreth pundis granted be his majestie and oftymes confirmed to the said Maistir George and utheris within mentionat, furth of the reddiest custumes of the burgh of Edinburgh, datit at Falkland, the [...] day of Junii 1591, the pensioun granted lykwyis be his majestie of the sowme of fourscoir pundis to be pait to him yeirlie be the commendater of Glenluce, as the dewtie quhairin he is addettit yeirlie to his hienes for the dispositioun maid to him be his majestie of his awin monkis portionis, togidder with the pensioun and assignatioun thairin contenit, maid, gevin and grantit to the said Maistir George and utheris within specefiit be umquhill Robert, commendater of Dumfermling, and Patrik, maistir of Gray, likwise commendater thairof for the tyme respective, furth of the reddiest fruittis of the said leving; and for his better securitie furth of the reddiest dewtie of the tak of the kirk of Carnebie, willing and granting and, for his hienes and his successouris, decerning and ordaning all and sindrie the saidis pensionis and assignationis foirsaidis to be and remane valide and effectuall to the said Maistir George and utheris specifiet thairin in all and sindre pointis, clausis and articles thairof induring thair lyvetymes; and this present act to be als largelie interpreit and extendit in favouris of the said Maistir George and his foirsaidis as gif the saidis pensionis wer at lenth herin insert; and decerning the same to be gude, valide and sufficient to him and thame for bruiking and joysing of the saidis haill pensionis and assignatounis foirsaidis according to the tennour thairof in everie point, nochtwithstanding of the act of repossessioun extendit in favouris of Maistir George Durie, or ony clame maid be him to the said personage of Carnebie; to the quhilk his majestie and estaitis foirsaidis willis and ordanis this present act to mak expres dirogatioun sa far as concernis the assignatioun foirsaid, decerning and ordaning that notwithstanding of the said act of repossessioun, or ony uther that may be interpreit or extendit to the prejudice of the said assignatioun, the said Maistir George and his foirsaidis sall bruik the same unalterit or tane away, siclyk as the same haid nevir bene maid.

  1. NAS, PA2/14, ff.55v-56r.
  2. Written in margin: 'P'.