Act anent the temporalitie of Paislay

2Oure soverane lord and estaitis of this present parliament, be speciall cognitioun and tryall tane be thame of the nature and estait off all and haill the temporalitie of the abbacie of Paislay, findis, decernis and declaris that the samyn wes nocht comprehendit in the generall annexatioun of kirklandis within this realme to oure soverane lordis croun be the act of parliament maid at Edinburgh, the xxix day of Julii, the yeir of God jM vC fourscoir sevin yeiris, bot that all and sindre the landis, baronies and utheris commodities and fredomes pertening to the said temporalitie wer lauchfullie resignit befoir the said annexatioun in oure said soverane lordis handes for new infeftment to be gevin thairof be his hienes to his richt traist cousing Claud, now lord of Paisla, than commendater thairof, his aris maill and assignais, lyk as his majestie, befoir the conclusioun of the said act of annexatioun, accepted the foirsaid resignatioun to that effect, and thairupoun gaif and granted infeftment heretable under his hienes greit seill to the said Claud, lord Paislay and his foirsaidis, off all and sindrie the foirnamit landis, baronies and utheris specefiit particularlie thairintill, erectit in ane temporall lordschip and baronie callit the lordschip of Paislay, with full privilege of frie regalitie, as the said infeftment of the dait the said xxix day of Julii the yeir of God abonewrittin, with ane uther infeftment following thairupoun sensyne, off the dait the xxij day of Merche, the yeir of God jM vC fourscoir ellevin yeiris, now allowit and approvin be his majestie and estaitis foirsaidis at mair lenth proportis; in respect quhairof thai find, decerne and declaris the said temporalitie to have bene and to be expreslie excepted furth of the said act of annexatioun, albeit the exceptioun contenit in the said first act of annexatioun makis mentioun that the toun of Paislay wes exceptit thairfra, quhilk his majestie and estaitis foirsaidis hes acknawlegeit and tryit to have bene writtin erroneouslie, quhair as the said exceptioun suld have bene extendit to the haill temporalitie of Paislay, and thairfoir his majestie and estaitis abone rehersit ordanis the clerk of register to correct and reforme the said exceptioun, and in place of the said toun of Paislay excepted, to insert the exceptioun of the said temporalitie of Paislay, sua that na doubt nor questioun sall arryise thairanent in tymes cuming.

  1. NAS, PA2/14, f.47v.
  2. Written in margin: 'P'.