Act for changeing of the fair of Dornoche

2Oure soverane lord, being informit of the greit skaith and dannage sustenit be the inhabitantis of the toun of Dornoche in Sutherland and the boundis nixt adjacent throw the halding of the fair of Barrisfair upoun the xxv day of September at the said toune of Dornoche, quhen as the cornis ar standand upoun the ground stoukit and sa commonlie eittin and distroyit be the guidis reparing to the said fair, quhilk dyvers tymes engenderis dyvers stryffis and contentionis betuix the awneris of the cornis and the awnaris of the guidis; for remeid quhairof, and to put away the occasioun of the said skaith and truble in tyme cuming, oure said soverane lord, with avise of the estaitis convenit at this present parliament, hes prorogat and alterit the said fair haldin of befoir at Dornoche upoun the xxv day of September to the tent day of October thaireftir, that thairby the cornis upoun the ground may be inbrocht and the skaith and truble sustenit of befoir may be preventit; and that lettrez be direct for publicatioun heirof that nane pretend ignorance of the same.

  1. NAS, PA2/14, f.39r.
  2. Written in margin: 'P'.