Anent the taxatioun of burrowis

2Item, seing the taxatioun and stentis upoun the realme is multiplyt, quhairwith the burrowis ar verrie grytlie burdynit, thairfoir it is statute and ordanit that all maner of personis inhabitantis of burrowis exercesand ony maner of traffiq merchandice or having charge wthin the same sall beir thair pairt of all taxtis, stentis and taxationis, watching and warding in all dewties and services pertening to oure soverane lord, the weill of the realme and the utilitie of the burgh; and that without ony respect to be haid to ony privilege, discharge or executionis grantit be oure soverane lordis predicessouris or be his hienes selff, or to be grantit in tyme coming be his majestie or his successouris to quhatsumevir persoun or personis of quhatsumevir qualitie, or for quhatsumevir causis; and ordanis this to have executioun aganis all personis exerceand the trafficque of merchandise or uther charge in ony of the burrowis of this realme, quhether thay be admittit frie burgesses thairin or not, provyding alwayes that it salbe lesum to his hienes notwithstanding of the said act to exeeme frome the saidis taxationis, watching and warding ane persoun of ilk craft for his hienes particuler use and service incace his majestie find it guid and expedient to be done; and siclyk that this act be not prejudiciall to the memberis of the college of justice and to thair privilegis and immunities grantit unto thame, or quhairof thai have bene in use in tymes bygane.

  1. NAS, PA2/14, ff.35v-36r.
  2. Written in margin: 'V'.