Aganis granting of respeittis and remissionis

2For furthering of the puneisment of slauchteris, fyre rasingis and utheris odious crymes sa commounlie committit in dyvers partis of the realme thir sindrie yeris bygane upoun sett purpois and foirthocht fellony, to the offence of God and contempt of oure soverane lordis auctoritie, his hienes, followand the lovable example of his maist noble progenitouris in lyk cais of his speciall favour, and at the instant request of his estaitis in this present parliament, grantis and, in the word of a prince, faithfullie promittis that he sall clois his handes and ceis fra granting of ony respeittis or remissionis for ony maner of slauchter, fyre rasing or utheris odious crymes that salbe committit upoun auld feid and foirthocht fellony for the space of fyve yeiris nixtocum eftir the dait heirof; that in the meantyme the realme may be put in peace, and his leigis maid to leive in suirtie, except the said respett or remissioun salbe cravit to the offendour be the wyff, barnis or narrest freind of the persoun that hes ressavit the offence, or that a sufficient lettre of slanis sene and perfectlie considderit be his hienes counsaill; and gif ony respeittis or remissionis salhappin to be grantit for auld actionis, that it be expremit in the same that the trespas wes committit befoir this present parliament, and that his hienes and his counsaill hes sene quhair the pairtie is assythit, utherwayis declaris the same respeitt or remissioun to be null and of nane availl. And incais ony sic remissonis or respeittis (as God forbid) salhappin to be grantit and past, ordanis and commandis his hienes justice, justice clerk and thair depuittis to proceid and do justice upoun the personis usaris thairof, notwithstanding the saidis remissionis and respeittis, as gif the samyn haid nevir bene grantit or producit; and ordanis all personis that hes alreddie obtenit respeittis for the saidis crymes sen his hienes acceptit the governament of the realme in his awin persoun to be callit to underly the law for the same at the instance of the partie offendit gif thay pleis to persew; and althocht thay insist not, at the instance of his hienes thesaurair and advocatt, and the personis offendouris comperand, and usand the saidis respeittis or remissionis, to caus thame find gude and responsall suirties actit in the buikis of adjornall for satisfeing of the pairtie as law will at the modificatioun of the lordis of counsall and sessioun, quhome his hienes ordanis and commandis to proceid and minister upricht justice in modifeing of condigne and sufficient assythmentis for the saidis slauchteris and utheris odious crymes according to the gravitie and circumstances thairof, as thai will answer to God and his hienes thairupoun; and for the furtherance heirof, that his hienes thesaurair and justice clerk caus collect the names of all personis that hes gottin respeittis or remissionis for slauchteris or utheris odious crymes sen his hienes acceptatioun of the governament in his awin persoun, and present the same to his hienes and his privie counsaill with all expeditioun.

  1. NAS, PA2/14, f.33v.
  2. Written in margin: 'P'. Also a second symbol, either 'P' or 'V'.