For puneisment of the ressettaris of tratouris and rebellis

2Becaus of the commoun contempt in ressetting and suppleing of declarit tratouris and rebellis owir all partis of the realme, mony pretending excuse of ignorance and misknawlege of the personis, and althocht thay be knawin yit dois na diligence to apprehend and present thame to justice gif it be in thair power, nor yit to mak tymous advertisment to the ordinar magistrattis or uther personis of power within the schire and boundis nixt adiacent, to the effect the saidis tratouris and rebellis may be followit and still persewit quhill thay be takin or expellit furth of the realme; for remeid quhairof, it is statute and ordanit be oure soverane lord, with advise of his estaitis in this present parliament, that all former lawes and actis of parliament maid of befoir aganis ressettaris of trattouris and rebellis, and punisement of thame quhilk contempnandlie remanis at the horne, salbe put to dew executioun in all pointis, and speciallie quhen evir ony declarit tratouris or rebellis reparis in ony pairt of this realme, nane of oure soverane lordis leigis sall presum to ressett, supplie or intercommoun with thame, or to gif thame meit, drink, hous, harbrie or ony releif or confort under the same pane for quhilk thay ar foirfalt or put to the horne; and that immediatlie upoun knawlege of thair repairing in thay boundis, that all his hienes obedient subjectis do thair exact diligence at the uttermaist of thair power in serching, seiking, taking and apprehending of the saidis declarit tratouris and rebellis, and presenting of thame to justice, or in following of thame quhill thay be takin or expellit and put furth of the schire and immediatlie to mak intimatioun to the magistratis and personis of power and auctoritie in the nixt schire, quhilkis salbe haldin to do the lyk exact diligence without delay, and sa fra schyre to schire quhill thai be apprehendit and brocht to justice or expellit and put furth of the realme. And further, quhen evir ony maner of tratouris, rebellis or unknawin men vagabundis happynnis to repair in the cuntrie, all his hienes leigis knawing thame or amongis quhome thay resort, sall with all possible speid certifie his majestie or sum of his secreit counsaill or sum of the cheif personis of auctoritie and credite duelling within the same schire that sic personis (gif thay be knawin) ar within the samyn; and gif thay be unknawin, schawand thair takynnis and for quhat caus thay pretend thame selffis to be wandering athort the cuntrie or lurking in ony pairt, under the same pane that the tratouris, rebellis and vagabundis aucht to have sustenit in bodies or guidis thame selffis in cais thai haid bene apprehendit, presentit and convictit be justice.

  1. NAS, PA2/14, ff.32v-33r.
  2. Written in margin: 'V' and at edge of page, in small hand, 'criminall lawes'.