Tuiching the autenticke daiting and registring off signatures

2Oure soverane lord, with avise of his estaitis, hes statute and ordanit that na signatour sall pas the registeris of his ordinar officiaris of estait underwrittin except the dait thairof be fillit up with the handes of the thesaurair, collectour, comptrollar, thesaurair of augmentationis and secretar, or thair principall clerkis awin handes; and that the registratioun of the signatour or lettre beir not onlie upoun the bak of it (registrat) bot the day and dait of the registratioun with the nowmer of the leiffis of the buik quhairin it is registrat, quhilk buik salbe markit be the hand of the clerk of registrar or his depute constitut to that effect; and siclik that the kepair of the signet sall write on the bak of the signatur the speciall day that he affixit the signet, and the wreittar, kepair of the privie seill sall write lykwayis upoun the bak of the lettre the day that he wreittis and passis the same the privie seill, quhilkis warrandis sua markit salbe maid furthcumand to ony pairtie interessit for triall of the antedaite be the kepairis of the signet and privie seill; and that the tryall of the saidis antedaittis sall not be ressavit without verie greit adminicles and certane circumstances of falsett, and that the sowme consignit for improbatioun be maid veray greit; the forme of the improbatioun sall onlie be ressavit be the writtaris of the signatoures, the principall officiauris, thair depuittis or clerkis, keparis of the registeris, keparis of the signet, privie seill and thair servandis, writtaris of the precept and writtars to the grett seill and keparis of the same and na utheris, and the punischement of sic falsett giff ony beis fund and tryit salbe punisched with the pane of falsett and lesemajestie, and thre pairtes of the landis and guidis of the offendar to be adjugeit to the king and the fourt part to the pairtie greved.

  1. NAS, PA2/14, f.29v.
  2. Written in margin: 'V'.