Anent confirmatioun of the kingis propre landis past without advise of his comptrollair

2Anent the complaint gevin in to his majestie and estaitis of parliament be his hienes comptrollar, makand mentioun that dyvers and sindrie infeftmentis of his hienes propirtie hes past the seillis without the said comptrollaris knawlege or consent, quhairthrow he is nocht able to knaw his majesties tennentis nor thair yeirlie dewtie; for remeid quhairof, our soverane lord and estaitis of this present parliament declaris and ordanis all infeftmentis of fewferme or confirmatiounis of the propre landis pertening to his hienes croun that ar maid sen the entrie of this present comptrollar to his office, or to be maid in tyme cuming, without the expres consent and knawlege of the said comptrollair the tyme of the making thairof and subscriptioun of his hand and passing his registrar, quhairby the estait of the saidis landis ar onywayis alterit or innovat, to be null and of nane availl in all tyme cuming, albeit the same be past throw all the seallis, becaus the comptrollair suld knaw quhen ony tennent is alterit or newlie enterit to the kingis propirtie, and that the wanting of the comptrollaris subscription to the signatour, quhilk is the warrand of the said originall charter, salbe ane sufficient caus of reductioun.

  1. NAS, PA2/14, f.23v.
  2. Written in margin: 'V'.