Anent the dewtie of schireffis and utheris jugeis ordinar, thair depuittis and clerkis

2For remeid of the greit contempt, disordour and wrang quhilk hes bene in dyvers partis of this realme in default of keping and executioun of the guid lawes and actis of parliament maid of befoir be the schireffis and utheris juges ordinar, thair depuitis and clerkis, it is statute and ordanit be oure soverane lord, with avise of his estaitis in parliament, that the saidis schireffis and utheris juges ordinar alsweill to burgh as to land within regalitie as ryaltie, do thair exact diligence to knaw and understand the lawes of this realme and actis of parliament, quhairof the executioun is committit to thair charge and that thay put the same in executioun without delay eftir the end of this present parliament, speciallie in serching, seiking, following, persewing, apprehending, committing to ward and presenting to justice of declarit tratouris and rebellis contempnandlie remanand at the horne and standand registrat in thair awin buikis unrelaxt, or in doing of justice upoun thame gif thai have commissioun for that effect; and gif thay can not apprehend and ourtak the saidis tratouris and rebellis within the boundis of thair awin jurisdictionis, to mak denunceatioun to the schireffis and judges ordinar of the four halffis about that sic personis ar fled within thair boundis, requiring thame to use the lyk diligence in serching and apprehensioun of thame as thai will answer to his majestie at thair perrell and under the same pane that the tratouris or rebellis hes incurrit, in inquiring, serching and apprehending of sorneris, oppressouris, strang vagabundis and beggaris wandering athort the realme on pretens that thai ar schipbrokin or banist for slauchtir or uthir odious offences, or ar of the dissimulat thevis and abusaris calling thame selffis Egiptianis, in executioun of justice in all civile caus belanging to thair jugement without parcialitie or neidless delayes, in extracting of proces, decrettis and geving of sasingis and retoures at ressonable prices without exorbitant extorsioun, in bringing of thair court buikis with the compt of escheatis and unlawes intromettit with be thame yeirlie to the chekker, in making of thair depuittis and clerkis of men of best fame, knawlege, undirstanding and experience that may and can use the office, quha salbe astrictit to bring thair registeris of sasingis, horningis and registratiounis to the chekker and his hienes thesaurair, as is contenit and ordanit in the actis of parliament maid thairanent of befoir. And that the saidis schireffis and utheris ordiner juges may the better execute and do thair dewtie in the premises, oure soverane lord, with avise of his estaitis in this present parliament, ratifies and apprevis all liberties, privilegeis, registrationis, fies and commodities grantit to thame, thair depuittis and clerkis be his hienes or his progenitouris of befoir, thay alwayes findand guid souirtie in his hienes nixt chekker for dischargeing of thair offices dewtifullie and making of thair comptis yeirlie in the chekker at the dyettis appointit thairto, and that they sall nawyis suffer thame selffis to be denuncit to the horne in default thairof, bot that thai sall send thair depuittis, ane or ma, and clerk yeirlie at the first day of November to be examinat and admittit be the lordis of counsaill and sessioun under pecuniall panis at the lordis modificatioun, to be payit be thane to oure soverane lordis use incais of failyie, with certificatioun to thame that gif the said souirtie be not fund betuix and the end of the said nixt chekker, they salbe denuncit rebellis and put to the horne, and fra thin furth all his hienes subjectis within thair jurisdictionis salbe exemit fra thair offices and jurisdictioun; and attour declaris and ordanis all perceptis furth of the chancellarie upoun retouris to be past in the auld maner to the schireffis and utheris juges ordiner, with the claus capiendo securitatem, unurgeand the partie with present payment incais the said souirtie be fund as said is.

  1. NAS, PA2/14, f.19v-20r.
  2. Written in margin: 'V'. Written at edge of page, in a very small, neat hand, 'king'.