Act anent the unioun of the kirk of Forteviot to the auld college of Sanctandrois

2Forsamekle as the personage of Forteviot, with the haill fruitis thairof, lyand within the diocie of Sanctandrois and schirefdome of Perth, wes, in the dayes of oure soverane lordis maist nobill progenitour King James the Ferd of guid memorie, annexit to the college of Sanctsalvatour within the citie of Sanctandrois for sustening of ane prebendare to serve and sing in the queir, quhilk maner of service being abrogat be the lawes of this realme, oure soverane lord, be his speciall lettrez under the privie seill, appoyntit and ordanit quhatsumevir benefices and prebendaries annext and foundit within the said college of befoir for singing and serving in the said queir to be applyit to the use and commoditie of the provest, maisteris and regentis of the said college, professouris of lettrez and instructaris of the youth, as in the saidis lettrez at mair lenth is contenit, be vertew of the quhilkis and of the said auld annexatioun the saidis provest, maisteris and regentis haif bene in possessioun of the said personage, and now oure soverane lord, for the zeall and affectioun quhilk his majestie beiris to the promotioun of gude lettrez within the said college, with avise of the estaittis of this present parliament, hes of new annext, unit and incorporat and, be the tennour of this present act, annexis, unitis and incorporattis the said personage of Forteviot, fruitis, proffites and emolumentis thairof quhatsumevir, to the said college, to remane thairwith ad perpetuam rei memoriam for sustentatioun of the provest, maisteris, regentis, bursaris and foundit personis thairin, to be usit and distributit be the commoun advise and consent of the said provest and remanent maisteris to the weill, proffite and commoditie of the said college according as thair necessitie sall requyre, provyding alwayes that the minister serving the cure at the said kirk be sustenit upoun the fruitis of the vicarage safar as the same may extend and the superplus to be tane furth of the fruitis of the said personage.

  1. NAS, PA2/14, ff.17r-v.
  2. Written in margin: 'P'.