For bigging of ane secund kirk within the parochin of Sanctandrois

2Forsamekle as it is statute and ordanit in the parliament haldin at Edinburgh, the xxiiij day of October the yeir of God jM vC lxxxj yeris, that everie parroche kirk, and samekle boundis as salbe fund to be a sufficient and competent parrochin thairfoir, salhave thair awin pastour with a sufficient and ressonabll stipend, according to the quhilk ordinance dyvers of the gentilmen duelland to landwart of the parochin of Sanctandrois hes exponit and declarit to his hienes and estatis of this present parliament the large quantitie and boundis of the parrochin of Sanctandrois of auld, baith to burgh and to land, exceding sevin myles of lenth, quhilk can not be sufficientlie instructit be a pastour in respect of the populous congregatioun of the said parrochin and greit distance of the saidis parrochinaris duellingis frome the said parroche kirk, and thairfoir hes cravit the divisioun of the said parrochin and ane ressonabll boundis of the landwart of the same to be erectit in ane severall parroche for thair better and mair commodious instructioun, offering to big ane kirk and mans thairto upoun thair awin expenss, quhilk petitioun his hienes and estaitis foirsaidis, finding to be maist godlie and ressonable, haif thairfoir fund, designit and declarit the particular townis and landis efermentionat, liand of auld within the said parrochin of Sanctandrois, to be ane sufficient and competent boundis for ane severall and distinct parrochin, thai ar to say: Byrehillis, Smiddy Greine, Balduf, Bonytoun, Walkmylne, Strathvethen, Bennefeld, Kynaldie, Kilmerstoun, Karingour, Lamelathen, Langraw, Fedinche, Unthank pro Lethem, Lathoker, Hasilidene, Eister and Wester Mortonis; and thairfoir to have devydit the same toun and landis particularlie abonementionat fra the auld parrochin of Sanctandrois, and to have erectit the same lyk as his hienes and estatis of parliament erectis the saidis tounes and landis presentlie abonespecefiit, with the haill boundis, methis and marches thairof, in ane severall and distinct parrochin for that part of the landwart of the said parroche of Sanctandrois duelland upoun the same, to be callit in all tyme cuming the South Kirk of Sanctandrois, with pour to thame to big ane parroche kirk and mans upoun ony part of the saidis landis quhilk salbe fund maist commodious and convenient be the saidis parochineris for the resort of the said people thairto, and to convene at the said parroche kirk for hering the word of God and ministratioun of the sacramentis at all tymes convenient, gevand, grantand and disponand to the said parroche kirk all liberties, privileges and commodeties that ony uther parroche kirk within this realme hes, and discharges the saidis parrochinaris of all chargis, imposit burdenis and taxatiounis quhairinto thai wer subject of befoir to the auld parroche kirk of Sanctandrois and of all maner of contributioun thairto, declaring thame to be frie thairof in all tyme cuming, sua that thai salbe onlie burdynit with the upbringing, reparatioun and uphalding of thair said new parroche kirk and uther ordinar chargis and expenses belanging thairto.

  1. NAS, PA2/14, f.16r.
  2. Written in margin: 'P'.