The disheresing of the posteritie of personis foirfaltit in this present parliament

2Oure soverane lord and estaittes of parliament, haifing considerit the tressounable, cruell and unnaturall fact laitlie committit be the personis following in company for the tyme with Frances, sumtyme erle Bothuell etc., to wit: Frances, erle Bothuile, Archibald Wauchope, younger, of Nudry, Maister Johnne Colvile of Strathurdy, Johnne Hammiltoun, younger, of Sammilstoun, James Douglas of Spott, Robert Home, younger, of the Heuch, Hercules Stewart of Quhytlaw, Maister Thomas Cranstoun, younger, of Moreistoun, James Stewart of Tynneis and Dame Margaret Douglas, spous to the said Frances, and divers utheris, thair complices, in thair tressounable coming to his majesties palice of Halyruidhous under silence of nicht upoun the [...] day of December last bypast; invaiding, assegeing and persewing of his majesties maist noble persone be fyre and sword, breking up his chalmer durris with foirhammeris and cruellie slaying his hienes servandis cumand to his majesties rescours, ane tressoun and crueltie not hard nor sene, committit be subjectis sa heichlie oblist to thair native king and prince precogitat, consultit and aggreit upoun to be put in executioun lang of befoir, having alsua devisit meanis in thair jugement to preserve thair landis and guidis efter the committing of thair tressoun foirsaid, quhilk haynous and tressounable fact as it pass all utheris in crueltie and evil example sua it is thocht meit and expedient that ane condigne law and punishement be sett doun for extinguishing of the memorie of the tressonable personis foirsaidis and thair posteritie, to be ane document to all aiges to cum and attempt the lyk. It is thairfoir statute and ordanit be oure soverane lord and his saidis estaittes of parliament that the said Frances, sumtyme erle Bothuell, Dame Margaret Dowglas, sumtyme countesse of Bothuile, James Douglas of Spott, Archibald Vauchop, younger, of Nudry, Maister Johnne Colvile of Straruidie, Williame Stewart, sumtyme constable of Dunbartane, Johnne Hammiltoun, younger, of Sammelstoun, Williame Lermounth of the Hill, Robert Home, younger, of the Heuch, Hercules Stewart of Quhytlaw, George Auchincraw of Eist Restoun, Patrik Auchincraw thair, Maister Thomas Cranstoun, younger, of Moreistoun, Johnne Cranstoun, his brother germane, Johnne Ormestoun in Smailhome, Robert Ormestoun, his sone, James Stewart of Tynneis, Patrik Crumbie of Caribdin and David Orme of Mugdrum, thair bairnes, thair airis and haill posteritie sall nevir bruik land, benefice, honour, office nor dignitie within this realme in ony tyme cuming. And als his majestie and estaittis foirsaidis decernis, decreittis and deliveris that all maner of infeftmentis, alienationis, dispositionis, resignationis, contractis, bandis or obligationis for making of infeftmentis of thair landis and heretages or ony pairt thairof or annuelrentis furth of the samyn, togidder with all presentit assignationis and dispositionis of thair tackis, stedingis, roumes, possessionis, guidis or geir to ony maner of persone or personis quhilk tuke not effect be actuall and reall possessioun befoir the committing of the foirsaid crym, salbe null and of nane avail, force nor effect in tyme cuming as they had nevir bene maid.

  1. NAS, PA2/14, ff.8v-9r.
  2. Written in margin: 'P'.