Procedure: provision of the king's household in wine
Anent the impost of the wyne

Anent the propositioun maid to the estaittis presentlie convenit concerning the sufficient and necessar provisioun of oure soverane lordis hous in wynis and uther expenssis thairof, the saidis estaittis, eftir lang ressoning and mature deliberatioun, grantit and concludit that his hienes sal have thre crownis of the sone or the avale of thame of everie tun of Frenche or Spaynish wynis bocht be his hienes subjects in France or Spainye, quhethir thay be brocht hame and loist upoun the schoris of the havynnis and portis of this realme, or sauld and transportit in uther cuntreis, deduceing alwayis ane tun of everie ten or the avale thairof for the lekkage, the entre thairto to be and begin upoun the first day of October nix to cum, and sa to continew yeirlie in tyme cuming. For the ressaving and uptaking of the quhilk dewitie fra the marchantis and awnaris of the saidis wynis to his hienes use, his hienes sall appoint and nominat a collectour ressaver, quha, of the first and reddiest of the sowmes to be ressavit be him, sall thankfullie pay for the wynis to be uptakin to the provisioun of his hienes hous to the marchantis and awnaris thairof, conforme to the pryces that salbe yeirlie maid according to the act of parliament. And his hienes, with advise of his saidis esteattis, promittis that he sall at na tyme heireftir grant ony provisioun or precept of the dewitie foirsaid, or ony pairt thairof, to na maner of persoun or personis, except for the payment of the saidis wynis and to his comptroller for the expenssis of his hous; as alsua that na maner of licencis salbe grantit to bring hame or by ony wynis in tyme cuming without payment of the said dewitie, and that letters of poinding or horning be direct for payment of the said dewitie in forme as efferis.

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