Act anent the divyding and setting of the taxatioun

Forsamekle as oure soverane lord, with avise of his nobilitie, counsall and esteatis presentlie convenit, having concludit and aggreit that for sustening of the taxatioun the honnourable chargeis and expensis tobe maid upoun his majesteis mariage, appointit tobe performit and accomplissit with all convenient expeditioun, thair salbe upliftit ane taxatioun of ane hundreth thowsand pundis, and nochtwithstanding, finding sum difficultie in setting, dividing and collecting of the same amangis his hienes esteatis be ressoun of the lait act of annexatioun and erectioun of sum pairtis of the kirk rentis in temporall lordschippis, with provisioun that the same salbe taxt with the estate of baronis in tyme cuming and sindrie uthir causis, thairfoir, his hienes hes thocht meit that the personis following, to quhome commissioun wes gevin be act of his hienes parliament haldin in the moneth of Julii lastbipast for setting of the said taxt and all utheris tobe grantit heireftir: thay ar to say, Adam, bischop of Orknay, Alexander, commendatar of Pluscardin, Robert, lord Boyd, James, lord of Dun, Maister Johnne Lindsay, persone of Menmure, Maister David Carnegy of Culluthy, Johnne Arnott, provest of Edinburgh, and Williame Flemyng, burges of Perth, sall convene within the tolbuith of Edinburgh upoun the xv day of Maii nixttocum and thair considder the occasionis of the complaintis maid be divers his hienes subjectis toward thair unequall stenting in sindrie taxationis that hes bene rased of lait yeiris for his majesties service and commoun effearis of the realme, see the retouris and auld stent rollis, alsweill of the spiritualitie as temporalitie and burrowis, quhat wes the ancient forme of setting of taxationis in tymes bigane and how far the same differris frome the forme usit within this realme thir few yeiris bigane, and according to thair gude discretioun, to sett doun a forme and ordour how, and be quhat maner the said taxatioun and all utheris tobe grantit heireftir salbe sett, collectit and upliftit, and to heir the complaintis of all pairteis haveand interesse in setting of the said forme of taxatioun and to decyde thairintill summarlie as thay sall think maist aggreable with equitie and justice, according to the previlege gevin to thame be the said act of parliament, and thairfoir ordanis lettres tobe direct to mak intimatioun heirof be oppin proclamatioun at the mercatt croceis of the heid burrowis of this realme and utheris placeis neidfull, quhairthrow nane pretend ignorance of the same; and als to warne all and sindrie his hienes leigis haveand interes tobe present and giff in thair complaintis to the saidis commissionaris the said day, to the effect thay may ressave anser and decisioun as appertenis certefeing thame and thay failye, thay sall not be hard thaireftir.

  1. NAS, PC1/13, p.23. In the register, this act follows directly on from A1588/4/2.