Protestatioun of the Laird of Pettarro

2The samen day, in presence of our soverane lord and his thre estaittis of parliament compeirit Johnne Wischart of Pittaro, heretable fewar and immediat tennent to our said soverane lord of the landis of Straithdie and Bra of Mar, liand within the schirefdome of Abirdene, and maist humble lamentit unto his majestie and estaittis foirsaidis that Johnne, erle of Mar, lord Erskin, had procurit a privilege in this parliament that na lang prescriptioun suld be proponit contrair him and his pretendit richt of the landis of the erldome of Mar, quhairof he allegis the saidis landis of Straithdie and Bra of Mar to be pairt and pertinentis, quhilk the said Johnne Wischart of Pittarro allegit wes verie dischargeable to the commoun law and lawis of the realme, specialie the samin being propertie to our soverane lord and his predicessouris of alang tyme bipast, and his hienes advocat and comptrollair for his interess nather being callit thairto, nather yit the said Johnne Wischert of Pittarro, haveing speciale interes, being certifiet of the samin, that he micht have proponit his allegeances and rychtis competent to him be the law for sustening of his richt; and becaus he wes not wairnit to the effect foirsaid, nor yit wes now sufferrit to propone aganis the said article, quhairupoun the foirsaid privilege wes grantit at the voiting thairof, he solempnitlie protestit for remeid, and that he mycht be hard to propone his rychtis, ressonis and defensis quhensoevir he and his successouris suld happin to be callit upoun thair richt of the foirsaidis landis of Straithdie and Braa of Mar, and als that he mycht be hard to use his remeid competent befoir the estaittis in the nixt parliament or utherwyse quhen opportunitie of tyme suld be offerrit; and thairupoun the said Johnne Wischert of Pittarro askit instrumentis.

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  2. 'P.O.' written in margin.