Act in favour of the Erle of Montrois

2Oure soverane lord, remembring the guid, trew and thankfull service done to his hienes be his richt traist cousing and counsallour, Johnne, erle of Montrois, lord Grahme etc., with expres advise and consent of the thre estaittis of this present parliament, hes ratifeit, approvin and confermit and, be the tennour heirof, for his hienes and his successouris, ratifeis, apprevis and perpetuallie confermis the tua severall charteris maid, gevin and grantit be his majestie to Johnne, maister of Grahme, sone and appeirand air to the said Johnne, erle of Montrois, and to the said Johnne, maistir of Grahme, his airis maill and of tailze specifiit in the saidis tua charteris, off all and haill the landis and baronie of Kincardin, particulair landis liand within the samin and unitit thairto; off all and haill the landis and baronie of Athera, with the salmond fischeing upoun the watter of Ellone, with power to big cruvis thairupoun; off all and haill the landis of Rathernis, Torquhill and Garvokis, with thair pertinentis, contenit in ane of the saidis charteris; and of all and haill the landis, baronie and erldome of Auld Montrois; off all and haill the landis and barony of Kynnaber; off all and haill the landis of Wardropartoun; off all and haill the landis and barony of Mukdok and Dundaffmure; off all and sindrie the landis of Mekill Balmoir and Eist Ledven; the landis and baronie of Abruthven; the landis of Kinpont and Elestoun, togidder with touris, castellis, fortalices, milnes, salmound fischeingis, woddis, advocatioun and donatioun of benefices, alterages, prebendareis and chaiplanreis and utheris privilegeis and liberties quhatsumevir pertening to the saidis landis, baroneis and erldome or ony pairt thairof expressit in the foirsaidis charteris or ather of thame, and specialie the tailze and successioun thairin mentionat, with the new gift and dispositioun, unioun and annexatioun contenit in ather of the saidis tua charteris in all pointis, headis, articles, claussis and conditionis thairin contenit, as the saidis charteris, bayth of the dait past under his hienes grite seill at Halyruidhous, the xxiij day of Maii the yeir of God jM vC fourescoir ane yeiris, in thame selffis respective at mair lenth proportis, togidder with the preceptis and instrumentis of seising following thairupoun. And oure said soverane lord, with avise foirsaid, be thir presentis, willis and declairis that the samyn tua charteris, preceptis and instrumentis of seisingis following thairupon ar gude, valide and effectuall in thame selffis to the said Johnne, maistir of Grahme, his airis and of tailze specifiit thairin, notwithstanding quhatsumever revocatioun maid be his hienes befoir this present parliament or of his majesties generall revocatioun maid in this parliament efter his perfite aige; to the quhilkis revocationis and ilk ane of thame, oure said soverane lord, with expres avise and consent foirsaid, decernis and ordanis their presentis to mak express full and speciale derogatioun, and, gif neid beis, ordanis ane charter to be maid under the grite seill in the mair forme, ratifeand and apprevand the foirsaidis tua charteris, with the preceptis and instrumentis of seising following thairupoun, contenand the haill landis, baroneis, lordschippis, erldomes and utheris specifiet and contenit in bayth the saidis charteris, with all claussis and provisionis thairof, and that this present act of parliament be ane sufficient and immediat warrand thairto at the greit seill but passing signet and privie seill and to be extendit in the best forme with all claussis neidfull.

  1. NAS, PA2/13, ff.116r-v.
  2. 'P' written in margin.