Ratificatioun to the Erle of Craufurd

2Oure soverane lord, efter his perfite aige of xxj yeiris compleit, and efter his hienes generall revocatioun, with avise of his thre estaittis of parliament, ratifies, apprevis and, for his hienes and his successouris, perpetuallie confirmis the gift of bastardrie, escheit, presentationis and infeftmentis quhatsumevir gevin and grantit be his hienes to his richt traist cousing and counsallour David, erle of Craufurde, lord Lindesay etc., his airis and assignais, off all landis, annuelrentis, tenementis, housis, biggingis, takkis, stedingis, rowmes, possessionis and uthers quhatsumevir quhilkis pertenit to umquhile Maistir George Creichtoun of Cluny, Margrett and Cristiane Creichtounis, his dochteris, and now pertening to oure said soverane lord and becumin in his hienes handes be the lawes of this realme and privilege of his croun throw the said umquhile Maistir George being borne bastarde and swa deceissand bastarde, and the saidis Margret and Christiane Creichtounis, his dochteris, deceissand without lauchfull airis gottin of thair bodies to succeid to thame, thair landis or heretages, or lauchfull dispositioun maid be the saidis personis or ony of thame in thair lyvetymes, or throw the dome of foirfaltour ordourlie led aganis Johnne Creychttoun of Ruthvennis for certane crymes of lesemajestie, quhairof he wes convict in ane justice court haldin in the tolbuyth of Edinburgh, the [...] day of [...] the yeir of God jM vC [...] yeiris, with all and quhatsumevir infeftmentis and seisingis grantit and gevin be the superiouris of the saidis landis, annuelrentis and tenementis, and to be gevin thairupoun upoun the presentationis direct be oure soverane lord to thame, and upoun the infeftmentis grantit be oure soverane lord to his said traist cousing; and decernis and ordanis the samin and all that hes followit thairupoun to be als effectuall and valiable to his said traist cousing, his airis and assignais, for thair peceable brouking and josing of the saidis landis, tenementis, annuelrentis and utheris foirsaidis, as gif the samin had bene gevin and grantit be his hienes efter his perfite aige of xxj yeiris compleit and generall revocatioun as said is as thair heretage in tyme cuming and uplift the males, proffittis and deweties and utherwyse to use the samin at thair plesir.

  1. NAS, PA2/13, f.114v.
  2. 'P' written in margin.