Act annulling the richtis and titillis of the landis and rentis of Dumfermling maid be the Maistir of Gray, with certane exceptionis

2Oure soverane lord, with avise of the thrie estaittis in this present parliament, hes ratifiet and apprevit, lyk as his majestie and thre estaittis foirsaid ratifeis and apprevis ane act of parliament maid at Linlythgw, the tent day of December the yeir of God jM vC lxxxv yeiris, be the quhilk it is statute and ordanit that all personis to be providit to bischoprikis, abaccis, prioreis or quhatsumever uther inferiour benefices being at his hienes presentatioun sall, befoir the expeditioun or registratioun of thair signatouris, find souirtie to the clerk, kepare of the register, that thai sall leif the said benefice at thair deceis or dimissioun unhurt or vitiat in the quantitie of the yeirlie rent thairof as thai find it at thair entre thairto, as at greittair lenth is contenit in the said act; decerning and ordaning the samen haill claussis and conditionis contenit thairintill to stand in the full strenth, force and effect as ane law in tymes cuming, notwithstanding ony act maid in this present parliament quhilk may in ony sorte appaer to derogat thairto. And siclik oure said soverane lord and thre estaittis foirsaidis, understanding perfitely that Patrik, maister of Gray, sumtyme commendatair of the abbacie of Dumfermling, quha wes providit laitlie befoir the making of the said act, in defraude of the said former act, hes ratifiet, apprevit, confermit and of new gevin divers fewis quhilkis of befoir wer invalide, and lykwayes sett divers takkis and gave sindrie pensionis furth of the said abbacie, quhairof ane greit pairt wes daitit befoir the said act, to the effect the samin suld nawayes haif bene comprehendit thairintill, quhilk wes all done to the grite detriment of the said benefice, hurt of his hienes croun and prejudice of his successouris; for remeid quhairof, oure soverane lord and thre estaittis foirsaidis hes annullit, like as his majestie, with avise of his saidis thre estaittis, annullis all and quhatsumever fewes, takkis and pensionis gevin be the said Patrik sen his provisioun, quhairby the rent and patrimonie of the said benefice is diminissit, and siclike annullis all and quhatsumever ratificationis and confirmationis of fewis quhilkis wer frome the begining invalide and mycht have bene querrellit and annullit of befoir for ressounable causis competent of the law.

And nevertheles, oure said soverane lord and his saidis thrie estaittis in parliament decernis and declairis that the heretable infeftment of the landis, lordschip and regalitie of Mussilburgh schyre, maid to Schir Johnne Maitland of Thirlstane, knycht, chancellair and secretair to oure soverane lord, his airis and successouris specifiet thairin, quhilk is alsua ratifiet and apprevit be ane speciall act and ordinance of this present parliament, and als the uther infeftment maid be the said Maistir of Gray to the said Schir Johnne, his airis and assignais specifiet thairin, of the heretable baillierie of the said lordschip and regalitie, assignatioun of the feis and dewties thairin contenit, and confermit be oure said soverane lord be his charter under his hienes greit seill, and als that the heretable infeftment maid be Johne Fentoun, yconimus of the said abbey of Dumfermling for the tyme, with consent and assent of Williame, commendatair of Pittinweme, baillie and convent of the said abbey, to Schir Robert Melvile of Murdocairnie, knicht, his airis and assignais of Garvokwod, with the landis, schawis, busis and utheris pertening thairto, lyand within the lordschip of Dumfermling, and als ratifiet and apprevit be the said Patrik, maister of Gray, and renewit be him the tyme he stude commendatair of the said abbey and convent of the samyn, sall stand in full strenth and force, and the samin hes bene frome the begynning and salbe in all tymes cuming valide and effectuall in thame selffis, notwithstanding of ony clause or provisioun contenit in this present act or ony uther objectioun that may be maid in ony uther respect aganis the saidis infeftmentis or ony ane of thame.3

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  2. 'P' written in margin.
  3. Rest of f.114r blank.