Protestatioun of thame that wer on the assyse of the Erlis of Mortoun and Gowrie

2The quhilk day, in presence of the kingis majestie and thre estaittis of parliament, compeirit persounally Johnne, erle of Montrois, lord Grahme etc., for him selff and remanent personis that past upoun the assyisis underwrittin, and protestit solempnitlie that the benefite and favour of restitutioun and generall abolitioun past in this present parliament suld on na wyse be hurtfull or prejudiciall to the personis that wer upoun the assisis of the umquhile erlis of Mortoun and Gowry, notwithstanding the act past thairupoun in this present parliament; and thairupoun askit actis and instrumentis.

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  2. 'P.O.' written in margin.