Protestatioun of the commendatair of Paislay for the Lord Maxwell

2The quhilk day, in presence of the kingis majestie and thrie estaittis of this present parliament, compeirit personallie Claude, commendatair of Paislay and Williame Ballie of Lamingtoun, and in name and behalf of Johne, erle of Mortoun, lord Maxwell, protestit that be the generall act of restitutioun and rehabilitatioun of the airis of all personis foirfaltit in his hienes minoritie sen his coronatioun for quhatsumevir offence, exceptand as is thairin specialie exceptit, and specialie be rehabilitatioun grantit to Archibald, erle of Angus, as nerrest air to succeid to umquhile James, erle of Mortoun, in and to the erldome of Mortoun, lordschip of Dalkeyth etc., that the said Johnne, erle of Mortoun onnawyse be prejugeit of that pairt of the landis, erldome and regalitie of Mortoun or lordschip of Dalkeyt pertening or competent to him lauchfullie be birthrycht, ather as air to umquhile James, erle of Mortoun, lord Dalkeith, his guidschir, or as air to Dame Beatrix Dowglas, lady Maxwell, his moder; and siclyk protestit that the premisis onnawyse alter nor infringe onie conditioun of the said Lord Maxwellis licence grantit to him befoir his lait depairting furth of this realme in Maii last wes, and that na thing done in this parliament micht be hurtfull or prejudiciall to the said lord in ony wayes; quhairupoun the said Claude, commendatair of Paislay and Williame Baillie of Lamyngtoun, in name and behalf of the said Lord Maxwell, askit and requirit act and instrumentis.

  1. NAS, PA2/13, f.111r.
  2. 'P.O.' written in margin.