For the quieting and keping in obedience of the disorderit subjectis, inhabitantis of the bordouris, hielandis and ilis

2Oure soverane lord and his thrie estaitis convenit in this present parliament, considering the wicked inclinatioun of the disorderit subjectis, inhabitantis on sum pairtis of the bordouris foiranent England and in the hielandis and ilis, delyting in all mischeiffis and maist unnaturallie and cruellie waistand, slayand, heryand and distroyand thair awin nytbouris and native cuntrie people, takand occasioun of the leist truble that may occur in the inner pairtis of the realme quhen thai think that cair and thocht of the repressing of thair insolence is onywayes forgett, to renew thair maist barbarous cruelties and godles oppressionis; for remeid quhairof, attour and beside the lovable lawes and constitutionis alreddy maid in this behalf, quhilk oure soverane lord, with avise of his thrie estaittis, ratifies and apprevis be their presentis, it is statute and ordanit that the first day of everie moneth in the yeir, gif it be lauchfull, and failyeing thairof the nixt lauchfull day immediatlie following, salbe a speciale and preemptour3 for his privie counsall to convene and sitt baith in the foirnone and efternone for ressaving, heiring, ansering and directing of all complaintes, causis and materis concerning the misrule of the disorderit and troublesum subjectis, inhabitatis4 the hielandis and bordouris, and attemptattis committit be thame upoun the gude and peceable subjectis in the incuntre, without prejudice of uthir and ma diettis to be appointit for the same effect, gif the occasioun sua require; and specialie that upoun the saidis first day of everie moneth, or uther nixt lauchfull day, tryall and inquisitioun to be takin of the diligence done in the executioun of thingis directit the moneth preceiding and of the thingis necessar and expedient to be put in executioun during the nixt moneth to cum thairefter; and that a particuler register be kepit be the selff of all thingis that salhappin to be done and directed in materis concerning the quietnes and gude rule of the bordouris and hielandis.

That all landislordis and baillies of the landis on the bordouris and in the hielandis quhair brokin men hes duelt or presentlie duellis, contenit in a roll insert in the end of this present act, salbe chargeit to find sufficient cautioun and souirtie, landit men in the incuntrie to the contentment of oure soverane lord and his privie counsall betuix and the first day of October nixtocum or within xv dayes efter the charge upoun conditionis following under the pane of rebellioun, and gif thai failye, the said day being bipast, to put thame to the horne: that is to say, gif ony of thair men, tennentis, servandis and induellaris upoun thair landis, rowmes, steidingis and possessionis or within thair baillieries committis ony maisterfull reiff, thift or ressett of thift, depredationis opin and avowit, fyre raising upoun deidlie feidis protectit and mantenit be thair maistiris, that the landislordis and baillies upoun quhais landis and in quhais jurisdictioun thai duell sall bring and present the personis complenit upoun befoir oure soverane lordis justice or his deputis to abide tryall and underly the law for the same, upoun xv dayes warning to be maid to thame lauchfullie; and failyeing thairof, that the saidis landislordis and baillies be debtbound to satisfie the pairtie skaithit and to refound, content and pay to thame thair heirschippis and skaithis of thair awin proper guidis and landis according to the availl and quantitie tane fra the complenaris, quhilk salbe modifiit be ayth of the party hurte, othir befoir the lordis of counsall and sessioun or the justice or his deputis, quhairupoun executioun sall pas bayth aganis the principallis and souirties in forme as effeiris, providing alwayes that the landislordis quha hes thair landis liand in far hielandis or bordouris, they makand residence thame selffis in the inlandis, and thair tennentis and inhabitantis of thair landis being of clannis or dependaris on chiftanes and capitanes on the clannis, quhome the landislordis ar nawayes able to command bot onlie gettis thair mailes of thame and na uther service nor obedience, sall nawyes be subject to this act bot in maner following, viz., thay salbe haldin to direct thair preceptis of warning, obtene decreitis aganis thair tennentis and denunce thame to the horne and immediatlie efter thair denunciatioun that the saidis landislordis rais lettres be deliverance of the secreit counsall and charge the chiftanis and capitanes of the clannis on quhome thair tennentis dependis and obeyis to tak and apprehend the dissobedient tennentis and present thame to the justice under the pane of rebellioun; and incais the chiftanes dissobey, to caus denunce thame to the horne, register the same and report the lettres of horning, dewlie execute, indorsate and registrat, to the secreit counsall within the space of fourtie dayes thairefter; quhairin gif the saidis landislordis failyeis, thay salbe subject to the former conditioun of this act. As alsua, incais the saidis landislordis at ony tyme heirefter rentale or sett takkis to ony of the saidis dissobedient hielandmen or bordourmen in ony thair landis and omittis to tak sufficient cautioun for thame, that thai salbe anserable and obedient to oure soverane lordis lawis, and specialie that thai sall obey and obtemper the haill contentis and effect of this present act. And that the saidis landislordis and baillies concur, fortifie and assist utheris in removing of all personis dissobedient to the lawes or fugitive thairfra out of thair landis, rowmes and posesionis; and incais ony refuse to concur to the effect foirsaid, being deuly and lauchfullie requirit, in that cais it salbe lesum to persew the persone refuisand and his cautioner for redres of the skaith sustenit be the pairtie hurte and the landislordis and baillies of the dissobedient persoun to haif thair releif of the personis refuseand. And incais ony persoun, landislord or baillie, ressave or ressett ony persoun fugitive efter the committing of the cryme upoun thair landis, or stayis or arreistis thame not quhen ever thai pass throw thair boundis with ony trew mennis guidis reft or stollin, gif the same cumis onywyes to thair knawlege, or that it beis tryit that thai micht haif stayed or withstand the saidis reiffis and oppressionis (quhilk knawlege and power of the overlordis salbe tryit be ane assyise), the maistiris, landislordis or baillies, ressettaris of the offendouris, or not stayand and arreistand thame passand throw thair boundis as said is, salbe haldin to bring and present the personis, offendouris, to the lawes in maner foirsaid, or ellis to pay and redres the pairties skaithit in maner abonewrittin. And quhair the awneris of the reft or stollin guidis followis not, the stayaris and arreistaris of the personis and guidis passand throw thair landis salbe haldin to mak certificatioun be publicatioun at the mercate croce of the heid burgh of the schire, that the pairtie having interesse being thairby advertisit may challange thair awin guidis in sax dayes space, utherwayes the stayaris and arreistaris of the guidis sall not be anserable thairfoir.

Item, althocht sum of the lordis of the grund nevir usis5 mak residence in the partis throw the quhilkis thevis resortis in thair passing to steall and reve and returne thairfra, yit sall thai be bundin be thair baillies and tennentis to mak the arreistmentis and stay and mak publicatioun of the same, gif it be in thair power or cumis to thair knawlege, or utherwayes to be haldin and oblist for redress as gif thai duelt upoun the landis thame selffis. And that the cheif of the clan in the boundis quhair brokin men duellis throw the quhilkis limmaris and brokin men repairis in thair passing to steill and reve or returning thairfra, salbe bound to mak the lyk stay arreistment and publicatioun as the landislordis or baillies and be subject to the lyk redress and actioun, criminall and civill, incais of thair failye or negligence. And becaus sindry immediat tennentis to oure soverane lord hes disponit thair landis to utheris haldin of thame selffis, in that cais it salbe sufficient for the overlord to enter and present his tennent and vassall for ansering for his subtennent and the landislord to have his releiff upoun his tennentis thairanent as accordis.

Attoure, and beside the foirsaid ordour devisit aganis the landislordis and baillies on quhais landis and in quhais jurisdictionis the thevis, soirnaris and brokin men duellis and remanis, it is alsua statute and ordanit that the capitanes, cheiffis and chiftanes of all clannis, alsweill on the hielandis as on the bordouris, and the principallis of the brancheis of the saidis clannis to be specialie noted at the end of this present act, quhilkis clannis duellis upoun the landis of divers landislordis and dependis upoun the directionis of the saidis capitanes, cheiffis and chiftanes (be pretens of blude or place of thair duelling), althocht aganis the will oftymes of the lord of the grund, be chargeit in maner and under the pane abonewrittin to entir sic personis pleges as salbe nominat be the kingis majesties lettres to be directit to thame, upoun xv dayis warning, befoir his hienes and his secreit counsall at the dayis to be appointit, to be placeit as his hienes sall think convenient for keping of gude rule in tyme cuming according to the conditionis abonewrittin, quhairunto the landislordis and baillies ar subject under the pane of executioun of the saidis plegeis to the death, incais of transgressioun and not redress maid be the personis, offendouris, for quhome the saidis plegeis lyis; and that the saidis pleges salbe relevit quarterlie with utheris of the same clan or branche to be specialie nameit alssone as may be efter the beginning of this ordour, and that the saidis plegeis salbe kepit in the kingis strait waird upoun thair awin expensis ay and quhill the principallis of the clan or brancheis find sufficient and responsall souirties, actit in the buikis of secrete counsell, that the plegeis enterit sall keip trew warde ay and quhill thai be fred and relevit ordourlie, and yit the personis with quhome thay salhappin to be placeit to remane sall onnawys gif thair licence or libertie to the saidis plegeis to depart or pas hame under the pane of tua thousand pundis to be payit be everie nobleman, barroun or gentilman that grant ony sic licence; quhilk cautioun being anis fundin, the saidis plegeis salbe placeit to remane with noblemen and baronis in fre warde, unchargeit with the burding of thair awin expensis; and all clannis, chiftanes and branches of clannis refuseand to enter thair pleges at the day and in maner contenit in the charge to be direct to that effect to be estemit publict enemyes to God, the king and all his trew and faithfull subjectis, and to be persewit with fire and sourd quhairever thai may be apprehendit, without cryme, pane or danger, to be incurrit be the doaris thairthrow. And that compt be tane anis in the yeir at the first day of November quhat personis plegeit for ar deid and quhat young men sprung up in thair race and clan able to offend; and quhair complaint is maid upoun ony persoun plegeit for, the principall of the clan or branch to be chargeit to present the offendour befoir the king or his counsall, or befoir the justice and his deputis, to underly the law for the same; and incais of failye of the presenting of the persoun or personis complenit upoun, the plege lyand for the said persoun to be execute be justice and the principall of the clan or branche to be pressit to enter ane new plege and to be still dettour to the pairtie grevit for his skaith sustenit.

Item, that all sic notorious thevis as wer borne in Liddisaill, Eskdaill, Ewisdaill, Annerdaill and the landis sumtymes callit debetable, or in the landis of the hielandis that hes lang continewit inobedient, salbe removit out of the inlandis quhair thei ar plantit and presentlie duellis or hantis to the pairtis quhair thai wer borne, except thair landislordis quhair they presentlie duell will becum souirties for thame to mak thame anserable to the law as the lawland and obedient men under the panes contenit in the actis of parliament.

Item, it is statute and ordanit for furthering of the quieting of the inobedient bordouris and hielandis that a buik be maid contening the names of plegeis enterit and to be enterit for gude rule, and of the haill personis for quhome they ly, and be quhome the plegeis suld be relevit, as alsua that a register be maid of the haill parrochynnis of the landis inhabite be thevis and dissobedient personis in the hielandis and bordouris, the names of the landislordis and townis in every parrochin and of the haill men, inhabitantis thairof, past the aige of xvj yeiris, quha ar landislordis or baillies of every land or toun or of quhat clan branche the saidis inhabitantis ar; and that the name of ony persoun that beis enterit on the brokin landis efter the removing of ony uther inobedient persoun thairfra be send to the kepar of the said register within tuelff dayes nixt efter his first entree.

Becaus eftir all diligence done, alsweill aganis the landislordis and baillies as aganis the chiftanis and principallis of clannis, thair wilbe a number of vagabundis unplegeit or anserit for be thair landislordis or baillies, it is statute and ordanit that lettres salbe direct chargeing all sic vagaboundis and unanserable men be oppin proclamatioun at the mercate croce of the heid burgh of the schire quhair they hant, or heid burrowis of the tua nixt schyres in the lawland (ubi non pates tutus accessus), to find souirtie to underly the law the thrid day of the nixt justice air or sounar, on xv dayes warning, under the panes contenit in the actis of parliament; and incais thai find not souirtie within sex dayes and enteris not thame selffis under plegeing, to be denuncit rebellis and fugitives, and thai and thair ressettaris to be persewit thairefter quhill thai be apprehendit and punissit for thair demerites; and that the pairties skaithit have competent actioun, civile or criminall, aganis the magistratis or utheris within quhais boundis, jurisdictioun or power sic vagabundis and fugitives ar wittinglie ressett with the guidis stollin or reft in thair passing, remaning or returning.

Item, it is declairit, statute and ordanit that all bandis, actis and obligationis maid, or to be maid, be quhatsumevir personis for quhatsumever brokin men, plegeis or utherwyse ressavit for the gude rule and quietnes of the bordouris and hielandis, or ony thing depending thairupoun, salbe extendit aganis the airis and successouris of thair souirties and cautioneris, althocht speciale mentioun be not maid in the actis that thai obleist thame selffis, thair airis and successouris.

Item, it is declarit, statute and ordanit that the suretie maid be the landislordis and ballies sall not be prejudiciall nor stop the suirtie maid be the chiftanes and principallis of clannis, nor be the contrair the suretie maid be thame to the landislordis and baillies.

Item, it is statute and ordanit that the justice clerk, assisted with the thesaurair and clerk of register, salbe speciall rememberair of the causis concerning the hielandis and bordouris, and salbe anserable for the dispatche and diligence of the directioun of thingis pertening thairto.

Item, it is statute and ordanit that quhensoever ony heirschippis, oppressionis, reiffis, sorningis and thiftis salhappin to be committit within onie pairt of this realme, in the hielandis or bordouris thairof, be ony captaine of clan or be ony uther clannit man aganis ony of oure soverane lordis leill and trew subjectis in tyme cuming, and the guidis sua tane up transportit to ony uther clannit mannis boundis, ressavit and mantenit thairin, or disponit upoun, and the same cum to the knawlege of the pairtie harmeit and damnefeit, ordanis him first to require or caus require redress thairof, that the cheiff of the clan or chiftane of the cuntrie quhairin the saidis guidis salbe ressett or remane for the space of tuelff houris of his witting, to mak redres and restitutioun of the same guidis within xv dayes efter he be requirit thairto; quhairin gif he failyeis, it salbe lesum to the pairtie harmeit to call, convene and persew the cheiff, captaine, superiouris and principallis of that clan within quhais boundis the guidis and geir swa tane salbe ressett and sparpalit, and under thair protectioun mantenit befoir the judge ordiner, criminallie or civilie, and upoun sufficient pruiff to be led be the partie harmeit that the guidis wer sauld or disponit upoun within sic boundis be the witting and knawlege of the said cheiff, capitane or superiouris and principallis of the clan, they being of power to haif resisted the same, thay to be anserable for the same guidis and decreit to be gevin aganis thame, with the proffittis thairof, siclyk and in the same maner as mycht or sould have bene gevin aganis the personis, committaris of the deid thame selffis, and executoriallis to pas thairupoun in forme as effeiris. And als, gif it salhappin the pairtie harmeit be the personis, committaris of sic enormities, to follow and persew his awin guidis and geir tane as said is for the recovery of the same, and in the releiff of his awne guidis and geir to slay, hurte or mutilate ony of the takaris thairof, it is heirby expreslie declairit, statute and ordanit that the said partie harmeit or his assisteris and complices sall nevir be accusable of ony sic slauchter, mutilatioun or uther hurt bot alsfrelie remittit and dischargeit in that behalff as gif he had oure soverane lordis speciall commissioun to that effect; and als ordanis and declairis that quhatsumevir personis salhappin heirefter to beir feid for ony sic slachter, hurte or mutilatioun salbe subject to the panes and actioun abonewrittin, and it salbe lauchfull to the pairtie harmeit to call and convene thame, criminallie or civilie at his optioun, for the saidis reiffis and oppressionis in maner befoir specefiit.

Item, quha bringis ony Scottis or Inglis theiff in his cumpanie, oppinlie or privatlie, to the kingis majesties court or burgh of Edinburgh, or requeistis for him to hald him bak fra the dew punisement appoyntit be the law, without licence of the king, his lieutennent or wardane, salbe subject to the actioun, criminall or civile, of him quhomunto the said theiff hes offendit be thift or reiff or be compellit for the same to redress as principall theif or revair; and quhatsumever Ingliss thevis sall cum in ony part of Scotland without licence of the king, his lieutennent or wardane salbe takin and used as lauchfull prisoneris; and quhasoevir wald avow sic thevis to be thair prisoneris or brocht in be thame upoun licences sall not keip thame in cumpany in the kingis court or palice or in the Hie Streit, quhair his hienes or his justice sittis and remanis, beirand wappinis, bot hald thame in clois housis, fra thair cuming to thair departing, under the pane to be repute as favouraris, fosteraris and mantenaris of thevis and thift and to be punissit thairfoir, conforme to the lawes of the realme.

Item, it is statute and ordanit that the justice clerk and his deputis and the kingis commissioneris constitute to further justice, quietnes and gude rule in all schyres sall diligentlie inquire and tak up dittay of the takaris up and payaris of blak meill, and to mak rentale of the quantitie thairof, and to persew alsweill the takaris as payaris thairof at justice airis or particuler diettis and do justice upoun thame according to the lawes, and ressave souirtie under grite panes that they sall abstene in tyme cuming.

Item, it is statute and ordanit that the justice clerk sall twyise in the yeir, viz., at the first day of Merche and September, procure the kingis majesties clois valentynis to be send to the maisteris, landislordis, baillies and chiftanes of all notable lymmeris and thevis, chargeing to present thame other befoir his majesties selff or befoir the justice and his deputis at the day and place to be appointit, to underly the law, conforme to the lawes and generall band and under the panis contenit in the same; and to try quhat obedience beis schawne be the personis quhome unto the saidis valentynis salbe direct; and incais of thair contempt be undewtifull anser to put thame selffis to the knawlege of ane assyise and minister justice upoun thame, conforme to the lawes and generall band.

Item, sen experience declairis that the mariage of the kingis majesties subjectis upoun the dochteris of the brokin men and thevis of England is not onlie a hinderance to his majesties service and obedience bot alsua to the commoun peax and quietnes betuix bayth the realmes, it is thairfoir statute and ordanit be oure soverane lord and three estaittis of this present parliament that nane of his subjectis presume to tak upoun hand to mary with ony Englishe woman duelling in the opposite mercheis without his hienes express licence had and obtenit to that effect under the greit seill, undir the pane of deid and confiscatioun of all his guidis movable; and that this be a speciale point of dittay in tyme cuming.

Item, it is statute and ordanit that the wardanis of the mercheis foiranent England tak diligent inquisitioun quhat Inglismen occupiis ony Scottis grund in pasturage or tillage, and thai bill the personis, offendouris, in that behalff aganis the treateis and seik redress according thairto as thai will anser upoun thair allegeance, at thair heichast charge and perrell and under the pane of incurring his hienes indignatioun and displesir.

Item, it is thocht expedient, statute and ordanit that all plegeis ressavit for the guid rule and quietnes of the bordouris salbe placeit on the northside of the water of Forthe, without exceptioun or dispensatioun, and the plegeis for the gude rule of the hielandes and iles to be placeit on the south side of the same watter of Forth; and that the justice clerk and his deputtis, to quhome the cair of this ordour is committit, tak speciall regaird to the dew executioun heirof as thai and every ane of thame will anser upoun the executioun of thair offices.

Item, for releiff of the landislord or baillie that salhappin to be chargeit for entree of his tennentis or personis duelland under his jurisdictioun to underly the law or to mak redress, that he use warning and seke the ordour of removing aganis his tennentis and occupiaris of the ground and mak thame the kingis rebellis within the space of xl dayes efter the nixt terme, unressaving mailles or dewties fra thame in the mentyme; quhairin his diligence being tryit and fundin gude and sufficient be the kingis majestie and his privie counsall, or be his justice and his deputis, and that he performed all thing that he could or that wes in his power to do efter the fact come to his knawlege, in that cais he salbe relevit of the pane and danger of the law contenit in this act.

Item, incais ony landislord, baillie or chiftane of clan salhappin to be burdynnit with the taking and presenting to the justice of ony malefactour, and that the same malefactour is fugitive fra the law and refuisis to releiff his landislord, baillie or chiftane, and that thairthrow, according to the lawis and generall band, they salbe constranit to birne the said dissobedient personis housis and to hald thame, thair wiffis and bairnis of the ground, it is statute and ordanit in that cais that the saidis dissobedient personis, thair airis, wiffis, bairnis nor na utheris pretending richt fra thame or be thair deid or occasioun salhave ony actioun, criminall of civile, for the said removing, birning or ejectioun, bot salbe simplicitir assoilyeit thairfra and all that may follow thairupoun, quhenevir or quhairever the same salbe persewit.

Item, that sic mediat personis as takis upoun thame to be sellaris of the guidis of thevis or inobedient personis and clannis that dar not cum to publique mercattis in lawland thame selffis, quhairby the executioun of the actis maid anent thevis and soirnairis of clannis is gritelie impedit and defraudit, sall, for that deid, being tryit culpable thairof, incur the pane of banisement and confiscatioun of all thair guidis movable, the ane half to oure soverane lordis use and the uther half to the pairtie, apprehendare and suittair.

6 The roll of the names of the landislordis and baillies of landis duelland on the bordouris and in the hielandis quhair brokin men hes duelt and presentlie duellis

  • Middle Marche
  • Erle Bothuill
  • Laird of Fairnyhirst
  • Erle of Angus
  • Laird of Bukcleuch
  • Schiref of Teviotdaill
  • Laird of Bedroule
  • Laird of Wauchoip
  • The Lord Hereis
  • Laird of Howpaislott
  • George Turnbull of Halroule
  • Laird of Litle Dene
  • Laird of Drumlangrig
  • The Laird of Cheisholme
  • West Marche
  • The Lord Maxwell
  • The Laird of Drumlangrig
  • The Laird of Johnestoun
  • The Laird of Apilgirth
  • The Larde of Holmendis
  • The Laird of Gratnay
  • The Lord Hereis
  • The Laird of Dunwiddie
  • The Laird of Lochinvar

Landislordis and baillies

  • Hielandis and Iles
  • The Duke of Lennox
  • The Laird of Buchannane
  • The Laird MacFarlane of the Arroquhar
  • The Laird of Luss
  • The Laird MacCawla of Ardincaple
  • The Laird of Marchinstoun
  • The Laird of Glennegyis
  • The Erle of Glencarne
  • The Laird of Drumquhassill
  • The Laird of Kilcreuch
  • The tutour of Menteith
  • The Laird of Knokhill
  • Hary Schaw of Cambusmoir
  • The Laird of Kippanross
  • The Laird of Burley
  • The Laird of Keir
  • The Maistir of Levingstoun
  • The Lord of Down
  • The Lord Drummound
  • The Laird of Tullibardin
  • The Laird of Glenurquhy
  • The Laird of Lawerch
  • The Laird of Weyme
  • The abbott of Inchaffray
  • Coline Campbell of Ardbeycht
  • The Laird of Glenlyoun
  • The Erle of Athoill
  • The Laird of Grantullie
  • The Laird of Strowane Robertsone
  • The Laird of Strowane Murray
  • The Laird of Wester Wemyss
  • The Laird of Abbottilhall
  • The Laird of Teling
  • The Laird of Inchemartine
  • The Laird of Purie Fothringhame
  • The Laird of Moncreiff
  • The Laird of Balleachane
  • The Barroun of Fandowie
  • The Erle of Erroll
  • The Erle of Gowry
  • The Laird of Cultybragane
  • The Lord Ogilve
  • The Laird of Clovay
  • The Laird of Fintrey
  • The Laird of Edzell
  • The Erle of Mar
  • The Maistir of Elphingstoun
  • The Erle Huntlie
  • The Maistir of Forbes
  • The Laird of Grant
  • Mackintosche
  • The Lord and tutour of Lovate
  • Cheisholme of Cummer
  • The Larde of Glengarray
  • Mackanzie
  • The Laird of Fowlis
  • The Laird of Balnagown
  • The tutour of Cromartie
  • The Erle of Sutherland
  • The Laird of Duffus
  • James Innes of Touchis
  • The Erle of Caithnes
  • The Erle Merschall
  • The Lord Oliphant
  • The Laird of Boquhowy
  • The Laird of Dunnibeyth
  • Macky of Far
  • Torquill MacCloyd of Cogoyth
  • The Laird of Garloch
  • Makgillichallum of Raarsay
  • MacCloid of the Harrich
  • MacKynnoun of Strathodell
  • MacCleud of the Lewes
  • MacNeill of Barrey
  • MacKane of Ardnamurchin
  • Allane MacKane of Ilandterum
  • The Laird of Knoydert
  • MacClane of Dowart
  • The Lard of Ardgowir
  • Johnne Stewart of the Appin
  • MacCoull of Lorne
  • MacCoull of Roray
  • The Laird of Lochynnell
  • The Laird of Caddell
  • The Laird of Skermurlie, for Rauchry
  • MacCondoqnhy of Innerraw
  • Angus MacConeill of Dunyveg and Glennis
  • The Laird of Lowip
  • The schiref of Bute
  • The Laird of Camys
  • Erle of Ergile
  • Laird of Auchinbrek
  • The Laird of Ardkinglass
  • MacNauchtane
  • MacLauchlane
  • The Laird of Lawmont
  • The Laird of Perbrak
  • The Laird of Duntrune
  • Constable of Dundy, laird of Glastry
  • The Laird of Elanegreg
  • The Laird of Otter
  • The Laird of Coll
  • Makclayne of Lochbuy
  • MacFee of Collowsay
  • The Lord Hamiltoun

The roll of the clannis that hes capitanes, cheiffis and chiftanes quhome on thai depend, oftymes aganis the willis of thair landislordis, alsweill on the bordouris as hielandes, and of sum speciale personis of branches of the saidis clannis

  • Middle Marche
  • Ellottis
  • Armestrangis
  • Niksonis
  • Crosaris
  • West Marche
  • Scottis of Ewisdaill
  • Batesonis
  • Litillis
  • Thomesonis
  • Glenduningis
  • Irwingis
  • Bellis
  • Carruthers
  • Grahmes
  • Johnestonis
  • Jardanes
  • Moffettis
  • Latimeris
  • Hielandis and Iles
  • Buchananis
  • MacFerlanis, Arroquhar
  • MacKnabbis
  • Grahmes of Menteth
  • Stewartis of Buchquhidder
  • Clangregour
  • Clanlawren
  • Campbellis of Lochnell
  • Campbellis of Innerraw
  • Clandowill of Lorne
  • Stewartis of Lorne or of Appin
  • Clane MacKane of Avricht
  • Stewartis of Athoill and partis adjacent
  • Clandonoquhy in Athoill and partis adjacent
  • Menzess in Athoill and Apnadull
  • Clan MacThomas in Glensche
  • Fergussonis
  • Spaldingis
  • Makintoscheis in Athoill
  • Clanchamroun
  • Clanrannald in Loquhaber
  • Clanrannald of Knoydert, Modert and Glen Gardy
  • Clanlewis of the Lewis
  • Clanlewyd of Harray
  • Clanneill
  • Clankynnon
  • Clan Jeane
  • Clanquhattan
  • Grantis
  • Fraseris
  • Clankanze
  • Clanandreis
  • Monrois
  • Murrayis in Sutherland
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  3. In APS, 'preemptour' is followed by 'diet'.
  4. In APS, 'inhabitatis' is followed by 'of'.
  5. In APS, 'usis' is followed by 'to'.
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