Act authorizand the subscriptionis of commendataris allane that wantis conventis

2Forsamekle as the haill monkis of the monasterie of the abbay of Kelso ar deceissit, sua that presentlie thair is na convent thairof, quhairby the tennentis and takkismen of the said abbay ar uncertane in quhat maner thai sall provide thair securities anent thair takkis, fewis and rentallis quhilk thai have tane or may tak heirefter of the said place and abbay of Kelso, thairfoir oure soverane lord and thre estaittis of this present parliament presentlie declairis Schir Johne Maitland of Thirlstane, knicht, his hienes secretair and present comendatair of Kelso, to haif had full rycht in his persoun of setting of all fewis, takkis and rentallis sen his provisioun thairto and deceis of the saidis monkis and convent of landis and teyndis belanging to the said abbay and patrimony thairof, and that the takkis and fewis sett be him sen the deceis of the saidis monkis is, and salbe, als valide and sufficient under his subscriptioun and commoun seill of the said abbay as gif the samin had bene sett with consent of the convent and subscrivit be thame; and likewayes declairis the said commendatair to have full richt in tyme cuming to sett takkis of the teyndis of the said abbay, for schort space or lang, alsfrelie as gif the haill convent wer yit onlyve, and the samin sett with thair consent as onie uther abbot or convent may sett within this realme.

  1. NAS, PA2/13, ff.99r-v.
  2. 'P.' written in margin.