Aganis supersedereis

Forsamekle as oure soverane lord and estaitis of this present parliament understandis greit contempt to be done to his hienes lawes and greit hurte to his lieges be passing of licences and supersedereis, quhilk daylie usis to be grantit to sic as be thame selffis or uther friendis hes credite of his majestie, thay being at his hienes horne, ather for cause of tressoun or non satisfeing of thair dett to thair creditouris or not obtemperand decreitis and charges, thairfoir oure soverane lord, with avise foirsaid, statuitis and ordanis that na sic licences and supersedereis be grantit in ony tyme cuming; and incais any happinis to be purchessit, declairis the same to be null of the law and not admissable be ony judge nor effectual to the purchasser in onywayes, and ordanis all jugeis within this realme to proceid and do justice to the pairties siclyk and in the samin maner as gif the saidis supersedereis had nevir bene purchessit nor produceit.

  1. NAS, PA2/13, ff.96r-v.