Act remitting the interpretatioun of the law of oblivioun to the lordis of sessioun

2Oure soverane lord and his thrie estaitis of parliament, understanding that thair is divers actionis and causis of spuilyie and ejectioun and uthers of that nature persewit befoir the lordis of sessioun, aganis the quhilk it is exceptit that the samin is committit within the tyme limitat within the act of oblivioun and thairfoir sould be remittit to the lordis, interpretaris thairof, quhilk exceptioun is oft and divers tymes admittit, quhairthrow and in respect that the haill lordis interpretaris of the said act (except onlie Maistir James Halyburtoun, tutour of Petcur, provest of Dundie, and Johnne Erskin of Dun, provest of Montroise), ar departit this present lyff, the saidis pairties ar delayit of proces, to the grite hinderance of justice; thairfoir, oure said soverane lord, with advise of his hienes thrie estaittis of this parliament, statuitis and ordanis that the lordis of counsall and sessioun sall in all tyme cuming be jugeis ordiner to the interpretatioun of the said act of oblivioun, and partiis complenand to intent, persew and gif in thair libellis and supplicationis thairupoun to thame, and as thai decerne and decreit in the saidis materis, to be als effectuall as gif thai had first bene appoyntit ordiner juges to the saidis causis be the foirsaid act of oblivioun; providing alwyse thair be nyne ordineris of the saidis lordis of sessioun at the geving and pronunceing of ilk decreit and interloquutour in the foirsaidis causis, siclike as thai observe in all uther materis and actionis depending befoir thame.

  1. NAS, PA2/13, f.94v.
  2. 'V.' written in margin.