The kingis majesties generall revocatioun

2We, James, be the grace of God, king of Scottis, being now of perfite aige of tuentie ane yeiris compleit, and knawing the remeid competent to us be the commoun law and lawes of oure realme in revocatioun of all and sindrie alienationis, donationis, venditionis or utheris dispositionis quhatsumever maid be us in oure minoritie and less aige, or be our predicessouris in thair tymes, in hurt and detriment of our croun, our saull and conscience, aganis all lawis of oure realme, and thairin following the example of oure maist noble progenitouris in thair generall revocationis, and being laitlie past oure said perfite age of xxj yeiris and ane large space within oure aige of xxv yeiris, during the quhilk the remeid of oure revocation is competent to us, we mak oure generall revocatioun in maner following: first, we revoik, cass, annull, retreit and rescind all and sindrie infeftmentis, charteris, giftis, donationis, alienationis and dispositionis quhatsumevir maid be oure umquhile derrest mother befoir oure coronatioun to quhatsumevir persoun or personis in ony maner of way in fie, fewferme or franktenement of ony landis, lordschippis, baronies, custumes, annuellis, fischeingis, burrow maillis or castell wairdis annext to oure croun, offices of justiciarie and schirefschip within the samin appertening thairto, in contrair the actis of annexatioun maid thairupoun of befoir, and quhair lauchfull dissolutioun of the said annexatioun wes not maid be oure said umquhile derrest moder and hir thre estaitis in parliament in hir awin tyme to the effect that the samin salbe of nane availl in tyme cuming efter the dait heirof. And siclyk, we revoik, annull and retreit all and sindrie infeftmentis, charteris, giftis, donationis, alienationis and dispositionis, quhatsumever feis and pensionis disponit be us of oure saidis annext awin proper landis at ony tyme preceiding in oure minoritie and less aige, except the fies and pensionis disponit to the officiaris of oure croun, thair deputtis and clerkis, as heirefter salbe exceptit. Reservand alwayes furth of this oure revocatioun the half landis of Eister Abirleidnauch, sett in fewferme in oure minoritie to oure trustie servitour Schir Johnne Murray of Tullybardin, knicht, ane of oure maisteris of houshald; and siclyk reservand furth of this oure revocatioun all and haill the landis of Knoktane, Kildarroch, Kirrewaleok and fyve merk land of Kereburne, liand within the schirefdome of Wigtoun, auld kyndlie possesionis to Schir Patrik Vans of Barnbarroch, knicht, sua that he and his airis may brouke the samyn, according to his infeftment thairof daitit at Halyruidhous, the tuentie day of November the yeir of God jM vC fourescoir tua yeiris.

Item, we revoik all alienationis and dispositionis quhatsumevir of ony rentis, landis or heretages annext to the principalitie or to the prince, quha is alwayes secund persoun of this realme, maid be us or onie oure predicessouris to the prejudice and hurte of the prince, secund persoun foirsaid.

Item, we revoik, cass, annull and retreit all infeftmentis, donationis, alienationis and dispositionis grantit be us, oure regentis and governouris for the tyme in oure minoritie and les aige, to quhatsumevir persoun or personis in fie, fewferme, lyvernt or utherwayes of all utheris landis, rentis, annuellis and revinnewis not annext to oure croun quhilk oure umquhile derrest moder had in hir possesoun befoir oure coronatioun, and of all offices, sic as chalmerlanries and baillieries, and of the office of custumarie maid for ma yeiris bot fra eschekker, till the compt be maid in the eschekker efter following, constabularies and baillieries of oure propre landis and castellis. And als we revoik and annull all rentallis, assedationis and takkis of oure propre landis and rentis maid be us, oure governouris and regentis in oure minoritie abone the space of fyve yeiris.

Item, we revoik, retreit, rescind and annull all and quhatsumever infeftmentis or rentallis of fewferme of quhatsumevir our proper landis annext to oure croun maid to quhatsumevir personis be us in oure minoritie or be oure predicessouris heirtofoir, quhilkis ar maid in diminutioun of oure rentale and hurt of oure patrimonie quhair the diminutioun may be verifiit and provin.

Item, we revoik, rescind, retreit and annull all and quhatsumevir infeftmentis, dispositionis and alienationis maid be us, oure governouris and regentis in oure minoritie, or be ony of oure predicessouris in thair tymes, of the fewferme victuall of ony landis and lordschippis pertening to our croun quhilk wer lauchfullie sett in few befoir for payment of fewferme victuall; and the samin fewferme victuall is sett in few thaireftir for silver payment, becaus the fewing of the fewferme is cleirlie understand to be to the grite abuse, hurt and diminutioun of oure patrimonie and rent.

Item, we revoik all infeftmentis, alienationis and dispositionis maid to quhatsumever personis of our castellis and housis, the places and rowmes quhairupoun our castellis and housis wer situat and now ar dimolissit in oure mi[...] and les aige; and siclyk all infeftmentis, alienationis and dispositionis of quhatsumever oure medois, wodis and parkis, with all takkis, assedationis and uther dispositionis thairof sett be us, our regentis and governouris in oure minoritie as said is.

Item, we revoik all and sindrie infeftmentis, alienationis, giftis and dispositionis quhatsumever maid be us, oure governouris and regentis in oure minoritie, to quhatsumever personis in fie, fewferme or lyverent of all landis and annuelrentis quhilkis become in our handes as propertie be richt of oure croun throw bastardie, or we, being last air be ressoun of recognitioun, foirfaltour or uther wayes, with all confirmationis, gif onie be grantit, in parliament thairupoun that the saidis landis may returne in propertie to us and our successouris in tyme cuming. And nevertheles, by this heid and article of this present revocatioun, we declair, decerne and ordane that nane of the lordschippis, landis and baronies that become in oure handes be ressoun of the foirfaltouris quhilkis wer retreitit and rescindit be the pacificatioun concludit at Perthe, the xxiij day of Februar, the yeir of God jM vC threscoir tuelf yeiris, and ratifiet and apprevit in our parliament haldin at Halyruidhous, the last day of Aprile the yeir of God jM vC lxxiij yeiris, and be the pacificatioun maid in oure parliament haldin at Linlythgw, in the greit hall of the palice thairof, the tent day of December, the yeir of God jM vC lxxxv yeiris, sall abide and remane with us and oure successouris, bot the same sall returne to the richtuus heretouris thairof and utheris having entres to the samen, siclyk as gif the saidis foirfaltouris had never bene led; and to that effect, we presentlie dissolve the annexatioun of all landis unit to oure croun and allegeit to haif fallin in oure handes be ressoun of the saidis foirfaltouris quhilkis ar retreatit as said is, and siclyk we rescind the annexationis maid in our derrest guidschiris tyme of all landis that become in his handis or be the handes of his predicessouris be quhatsumever process of foirfaltour quhair the said foirfaltor is reduceit and declairit to be of nane availl.

Item, we revoik all tailyies maid be us in oure minoritie and less aige fra the airis generall to the airis maill of onie landis within oure realme aganis the law and guid conscience quhair the saidis landis wer disponit befoir to the airis quhatsumever, and the saidis infeftmentis changeit be resignatioun in the same persoun and to his airis maill. And we declair that new conqueis, tailliet in oure said minoritie and less aige, sall nawayes cum under this our revocatioun because it is not aganis conscience that ony persoun quha acquiris the richt of ony heretable landis may tak the samin to sic airis as he pleisis.

Item, we revoik, rescind and retreit all new infeftmentis gevin be us or ony of our saidis governouris and regentis in oure minoritie of ony landis and lordschippis in blenche ferme that wer haldin of us and our predicessouris befoir be service of warde and releif, but prejudice alwayes to the heretable posessouris that thai sall brouke thair saidis landis heretablie as thai wer haldin befoir the saidis infeftmentis maid in oure minoritie.

Item, we revoik all regalities and confirmationis of regalities gevin be us in our minoritie and less aige, or ony our predicessouris befoir, aganis the actis and statuitis that na regalitie suld be gevin in heretage without the advise and deliberatioun of the haill parliament. And siclyk we revoik all giftis and infeftmentis of quhatsumevir offices gevin heretablie to quhatsumever personis be us, oure governouris and regentis in oure minoritie and less age as said is.

Item, we revoik all new creatioun of landis, baronies, annexationis and unionis of divers landis in fie quhilkis ar maid in oure minoritie in prejudice of oure dew service aucht to us and our progenitouris of befoir. And siclyk we revoik all discharges gevin be us in our said minoritie of service of suitis of courtis aucht of auld to oure progenitouris foirsaidis.

Item, we revoik all new infeftmentis maid and gevin in oure said minoritie of creatioun of baronies in the landis and lordschippis annext to oure croun.

Item, we revoik all infeftmentis, giftis and dispositionis quhatsumever sett, gevin and grantit be us in our minoritie to quhatsumever persoun or personis in fie, fewferme or lyfrent of quhatsumevir hospitallis, maisondewis, landis or rentis appertening thairto, in hurt and prejudice of oure conscience, to the end that the saidis hospitallis may be reduceit to thair first institutioun for uphalding of the puir, providing alwayes that the rentis of the hospitall of the Trinitie College besyde the burgh of Edinburgh, quhilk is now decayit, assignit and gevin to the new hospitall erectit be the provest, baillies and counsall of the burgh of Edinburgh, be nawayes comprehendit under this present revocatioun.

Item, it is alwayes understand, lyk as we be thir presentis declair, that the tenendriis haldin of uther superiouris becuming in our handes be escheit, as last air, be foirfaltour standand or be bastardie, the presentationis or infeftmentis following thairupoun, cumis not under oure revocatioun becaus the samin being casualities culd not remane in oure handes in prejudice of the superiouris of the saidis tennendries, bot of necessitie it behoveit us to present heretable tennentis to the superiouris of the samyn.

Item, we haif deiplie considerit the estait of casualities daylie gevin and disponit throw importunitie of askeris in sic excessive maner that difficill it is to interteny the daylie and ordiner expensis of oure estait and croun, howbeit the occasioun of charges heirwithall continewally increscis; and we and oure estaitis, considering that our casualities aucht not to be sa inordourlie and inconsideratlie disponit at the importune sute of all askeris, bot oure commoditie maid thairof and sic discretioun had in dispositioun of the same as we may continewally lief upoun oure awin, thairfoir, we, with advise of our saidis thrie estaitis and haill bodie of this present parliament, revoikis, rescindis, casis, annullis and discharges all giftis of fies, pensionis, wages, liverais and dispositionis out of our casualities and cofferris gevin be us, with advise of our regentis for the tyme, or be oure self sen the acceptatioun of the governament of oure realme in oure awin persoun, declairing the samyn to be null and of nane availl, force nor effect in tyme cuming, dischargeing our thesauraris, present and to cum, of all payment making of the saidis fies, pensionis, wages, liverais and utheris thingis appointit to be payit furth of our casualities of the terme of Witsounday last bipast or thairefter in tyme cuming. Exceptand alwayes the fies and pensionis gevin to the ordiner officeris of the croun, thair deputis and clerkis, quhilkis we will sall not be comprehendit in this oure generall revocatioun: thay ar to say, the fees and pensionis gevin and assignit to oure thesaurair, his depute and clerk, to our secretair and his depute, our collectour and his clerk and procuratour, our justice clerk and thair deputis, advocat, procurator for the pure, maistir of requeistis, oure clerk of registri, directair of the chancellarie and dytair of the rollis, quhilk we decerne and declair sall stand in force and effect, notwithstanding this oure present revocatioun.

Item, we revoik, retreit, cass and annull all and quhatsumever giftis, pensionis and fre discharges of the thridis of benefices within our realme grantit sen oure coronatioun be us, our governouris and regentis in oure minoritie and less aige, and we decerne the same to be of nane availl in all tyme heirefter. And siclyk we revoik all takkis of the thridis of benefices sett be us in our minoritie and les aige, quhairby the dewtie is diminissit or quhair we haif sett the haill benefice in diminutioun of the thrid thairof, and we protest that quhatsumever we haif done to the detriment, hurte and prejudice of our thrid and of the ministrie in oure minoritie and less aige, that the same may be reducit as accordis of the law.

Item, we revoik all and quhatsumever infeftmentis maid be us in our minoritie, oure governouris and regentis in oure name, of ony kirkis landis, freris landis, nunis landis or commoun landis quhilkis onywayes fell and become in or handes as our propertie, except the infeftmentis maid be oure umquhile derrest moder and us for erectioun and sustentatioun of hospitallis and ministeris within burrowis quhair thair is na assignatioun nor stipend allowit forth of the thridis of benefices for sustentatioun of the maisteris thairof.

Item, we revoik all takkis, assedationis and utheris dispositionis quhatsumever of ony commoun kirkis within oure realme maid be us in ony tyme bipast, to the effect that the samin may returne to us unto the tyme that forder ordour be takin; providing alwayes that at the saidis commoun kirkis thair salbe ministeris appointit to serve and mak residence and salbe sustenit of the reddiest fructis thareof according as salbe modifiit.

Item, we revoik all giftis of monkis portionis, first fruitis or fyft penny of onie benefices quhairunto we haif richt be oure actis of parliament maid of befoir thairanent.

Item, we revoik all giftis and infeftmentis maid be us in our minoritie of quhatsumever advocatioun, donatioun and richt of patronage gevin or annext to ony lordschip, land or baronie quhair the said patronage, advocatioun, donatioun of benefice pertenit not of rycht of befoir and quhilk takis the begynning and ground fra our gift and infeftment thairof maid in oure minoritie as said is, be this claus de novo damus, quhair the purchessare of the said infeftment had na richt to the said patronage, advocatioun and donatioun befoir.

Item, we revoik all giftis of superplus and omittit of the fruitis of benefices gevin and disponit be us, oure governouris and regentis in oure name, in oure minoritie.

And generallie we revoik, cass, annull, retreit and rescind all and quhatsumever thingis done be us, our governouris and regentis of our realme in or minoritie and less age, in detriment and hurt of our saull and conscience, hurting of the privilege of or croun, prejudiciall to the samin, and to us in oure patrimonie of the same, and quhat the law and consuetude of our realme leifis us to revoik. And this oure revocatioun we ordane to be of als greit effect and als largelie extendit in generall and in speciale as ony revocatioun maid be oure progenitouris befoir the dait heirof, and specialie the revocatioun maid be or umquhile derrest mother, umquhile our derrest guidschir King James the Fift of gude memorie, and his predicessouris quhatsumevir, contenit in our buikis of parliament, quhilkis in all heades, claussis and circumstances thairof we hald as heirin expressit. And als we ordane and decerne this our said revocatioun to be simple and absolute without ony exceptioun, restrictioun or limitatioun to be admittit aganis the samyn further nor thairin is contenit, and to that effect, we annull and rescind quhatsumever exceptionis maid in favouris of quhatsumever personis in any of oure revocationis maid in parliament or utherwyse at ony tyme preceiding the dait heirof.

And we solempnatlie swear, in presence of our saidis thrie estaitis, be oure grite aith presentlie gevin at this our first parliament haldin efter oure perfite aige of xxj yeiris compleit, and as we wer oblist to have done incais we had bene of perfite aige at or coronatioun, that we sall faithfullie observe and keip the statute and act of parliament maid in the dayes of oure maist noble predicessour King James the Secund, anent the keping and retening of the landis, lordschipis and baronies annext to the patrimonie of the croun in all pointis and claussis thairof.

Als we protest be thir presentis that gif it salhappin us for onie respect or consideratioun to suffer ony persoun or personis to use or posseid onie privileges or possessionis, landis, rentis and offices quhilkis ar fallin under ou revocatioun, it sall mak na rycht to the usaris nor haldaris thairof, bot it salbe lesum to us and oure successouris to put our handes thairto quhenever it sall pleis us be vertew of this our revocatioun, actis and consuetudes of oure realme maid of befoir, but ony obstakle, impediment or contradictioun.

  1. NAS, PA2/13, ff.88r-90v.
  2. 'V.' written in margin.