Commissioun toward the establishing of ane universall mett, mesour and wecht

2Oure soverane lord and thrie estaitis convenit in this present parliament, moved the generall complaint of all his loving and gude subiectis, bot speciallie the puir firmoraris and laubouraris of the ground, gevis, grauntis and committis full power and commissioun of parliament to his trustie and weilbelovit counsallouris and utheris efterspecifiit: thay ar to say, Maistir David Makgill of Nysbite, his hienes advocate, Maistir David Carnegie of Culluthie, Robert Fairlie of Braid, Schir Archibald Naper of Edinbellie, knicht, generall of his hienes cunyehous, Johnne Arnot, commissioner of Edinburgh, Williame Flemyng, commissioner of Perth, Robert Forrester, provest and commissioner of Striviling, and Hew Campbell, provest and commissioner of Irwing, or ony sevin, sex or fyve of thame conjunclie, the said lord advocat being ane, to convene in his ludgeing within the burgh of Edinburgh als oft as thai sall think expedient betuix and the last day of August nixtocum, and efter sicht and consideratioun of the lawes and actis of parliament maid anentis mettis, mesuris and wechtis in tyme bygane, and groundis quhairon thai haif prociedit, haveand regaird to equitie and indifferencie, to sett, mak and establishe ane mett, mesour and wecht quhilk salbe commoun and universall amangis all oure soverane lordis lieges, to by, sell, ressave and gif out, and to present the same to his hienes and his privie counsall betuix and the first day of November nixtocum, that the same may be notifiet to all oure soverane lordis lieges with all convenient speid and diligence thairefter as the saidis commissioneris will anser to his hienes upone thair obedience; and that lettrez be direct to charge and compell heirto, gif neid be, in forme as effeiris.

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  2. 'V. P.' written in margin.