Commissioun for the taxatioun to be grantit quhen it sall pleis that oure soverane lord sall treat and conclude upoun his mariage

2Oure soverane lord and thrie estaittis of this present parliament, remembring how necessare and honorable it salbe baith for his hienes and his realme that the mater of his mariage and charges to be maid in that respect salbe honorablie and sufficientlie done and performit, thairfoir his hienes and his saidis thrie estaitis, in respect of the lang continewance of this present parliament and of the difficultie that wilbe to the saidis haill estaittis to convene schortlie agane, hes gevin, grantit and, be the tennour heirof, gevis and grantis full power and commissioun of parliament to sex of everie estait of the personis following, with his officeris that salbe present for the tyme: thay ar to say, the erles of Angus, Huntlie, Craufurde, Merschell, Montroise and Rothes; the Archebischope of Sanctandrois; the bischoppis of Dunkeld, Brechen and Orknay; the commendatairis of Deir and Newbottle and the commissioneris of burrowis of Edinburgh, Perth, Dundie, Aberdene, Sanctandrois and Striviling, or ony four of thame for everie estait, sall convene quhenevir they salbe chairgit and requirit to that effect, and sall treat, consult, deliberat and concluid upone sic taxatioun as salbe thocht expedient to be levyit of his subjectis for the cause foirsaid and of the maner and executioun that salbe directit to that effect; lyk as alsua the saidis commissioneris salhave power to heir, treat, determyne and conclude in the mater of the anser to the petitionis of the King of Denmark anent Orknay; and quhatever they do and conclude in ather of the saidis materis, it salhaif lyk force and auctoritie as gif it wer done be the haill thrie estaittis in parliament.

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  2. 'P.' written in margin.