Commissioun anent the cunye

2The kingis majestie and thrie estaittis of this present parliament, being informit of the great hurt that this cuntrie hes sustenit this lang tyme bigane throw the ower greit abundance of allayed money cunyeit within the same, and to the effect that the same may be eschewit in tyme coming, his majestie, with advise of his saidis estaitis, gevis and grantis full power and commissioun to Schir Johnne Maitland of Thirlstane, knycht, his hienes chancellair, Maistir Thomas Lyoun of Baldewkie, thesaurare, Alexander, commendatair of Pluscardin, Schir Lues Bellenden of Auchnoull, knicht, justice clerk, Schir Robert Melvile of Murdocairnie, knicht, thesaurair depute, Maistir David Makgill of Nysbite, his hienes advocate, and Alexander Hay of Eister Kennat, clerk of register, or onie thrie of thame, the said thesaurare being one, to convene togidder alsoft as thai sall think expedient betuix the dait heirof and the first day of Januar nixtocum, and to confer, tret and conclude alsweill upone the stay of the money now current as upone the cunyeing of ane new money of gold of xxij carret fyne and of silver of xj penny fyne, and how monie peces of everie ane of the same salbe in the unce, and for quhat pryce thai salhave course and passage in the cuntrie; and quhatsoever the saidis commissioneris, or ony thrie of thame conjunclie, the said thesaurair being ane, dois heirin, his hienes and his saidis estaittis decernis and ordanis the same to have als greit strenth, force and effect as gif the same wer done be the haill estaittis in parliament.

  1. NAS, PA2/13, f.86r.
  2. 'P.' written in margin.