Releif of the ministrie of the first fructis and fyft penny of all benefices of cuir under prelaciis

2Item, it is declairit, statute and ordanit that all benefices of cuir under prelaciis quhairunto ministeris or reidaris ar admittit (that actuallie servis and dois thair dewties at thair kirkis), sall in all tyme cuming be frie of the first yeiris fructis and fyft pennie of thair benefices, and sall from this furth haif thair signaturis of presentatioun past at the previe seill upoun his majesties awin subscriptioun only and his secretaris without ony payment or cautioun to his thesaurair for the saidis first fruitis or fift pennie.

  1. NAS, PA2/13, f.81r.
  2. 'V.' written in margin.