Anent tryall and punishement of the offences of the adversaris of the trew religious presentlie professit within this realme

Oure soverane lord and his thre estaitis convenit in this present parliament ratifeis and apprevis the actis and statuitis maid of befoir anent the punissment of the adversaris of Godis trew religioun, presentlie professit, and be lawis established in this realme, and the seducearis and persuaderis of his hienes obedient and faithfull subjectis to decline thairfra, and ordanis the same to have full effect and executioun in tyme cuming, with this additioun: that quhatsoevir professit and avowit Jesuitis or seminary preistis salbe fund in ony pairt of his realme within the space of ane moneth efter the publicatioun of the actis of this present parliament salbe takin, apprehendit, callit and persewit and incur the pane of death and confiscatioun of all thair guidis movable; and quhaevir willinglie and wittinglie ressettis or supplies ony of thame thaireftir be the space of thre dayes and thre nichtis, togidder or severaly at thre tymes, upoun certane knawlege that thai ar personis of that professioun, and beis lauchfullie and ordourlie convict of the same sall incur the tinsall of thair lyferentis; and that thai, as alsua all sayaris and heiraris of messe or prophaneris of the sacramentis, or utheris personis suspect to have declinit fra the trew and Christiane religioun, or refuisand to resorte to the preaching of Godis word, or quhatsumevir persoun that sall, be ressoning or dispersing of buikis or lettres, presume to persuaid onie of his majesties subjectis to decline fra the professioun of the said trew religioun, being callit to compeir and anser thairupoun befoir his hienes and his privie counsall, incaise the personis sa accusit and dilaitit, or ony of thame, salbe fund culpable be his hienes privie counsall, or onie fyve of thame, his majesties chancellair and clerk of register being tua of that nowmer, othir be the confesssioun of the saidis personis accuisit or be the depositioun of famous witnesses, or gif the saidis personis dilaitit being callit and adjudgeit criminallie (incais his hienes and his counsall sall sa think gude) and beis fundin culpable and giltie in the premisis, that thai thairthrow incur the pane of tinsall of all thair movable guidis, togidder with the lyverentis of thair landis and levingis quhatsoevir, to be uptakin and imployed to his hienes awin use, and nawyse to be disponit to the personis to be convict or fugitive for the cause foirsaid.

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