Act in favouris of James Murray and the Lady Polmais

2Forsamekle as anent the supplicatioun gevin in to our soverane lord and lordis of this present parliament be James Murray, brothir germane to umquhill William Murray of Touchaddame, and Agnes Cunynghame, lady Polmais, that quhair it is not unknawin to our soverane lord and lordis foirsaidis thair was laitlie ane act maid for repossessing of sic personis as hes bene forfaltit to thair landis, rowmes and possessionis etc., quhilk act and benefite thairof, as we ar informit, is to be ratefeit in this present parliament and ordinance to be maid for anulling and rescinding of all decreittis gevin aganis the saidis forfaltit personis and sic utheris as wer justifeit in justice courtis for ony cryme of treasoun; quhilk act and ordinance not being ryplie considderit, and the boundis thairof not being limitat, sall be prejudiciall to mony our soverane lordis liegeis and speciallie to the saidis James Murray and Agnes Cunynghame, seing it is of treuth that thay, lang befoir the convictioun of umquhill Johnne Cunynghame of Drumquhassil for crymes for the quhilkis he was justifeit to the deith, they, eftir thrittie yeiris dependence, obtenit diverse decreittis aganis him befoir the lordis of counsall, ane pairt thairof for reductioun of certane his pretendit and forgeit titillis maid be him for thair awin landis of Polmais Cunynghame, alias Marschell Polmais, Sinclair and certane utheris landis and utheris for redemptioun of certane utheris comprisit landis, viz., ane pairt of the saidis landis of Polmais Cunynghame, Sinclair, Slamannan Mure, Bohaldeis and certane utheris, quhilkis decreittis the saidis James and Agnes obtenit befoir the saidis lordis of counsall aganis the said umquhill Johnne in foro contradictorio, quhair his haill defensis wer herd, Maistiris Johnne Scharp and Johnne Russell being his procuratouris and knawing of the pronunceing of the samyn; and swa the saidis decreittis wer obtenit be thame aganis the said umquhill Johnne Cunynghame, not eftir nor be ressoun or ony cause proceiding upoun his forfaltour, bot be the saidis James and Agnes awin rychtis and titillis, and thairfoir the samyn aucht nawayis be comprehendit under the said act and benefit thairof, and nathir yit aucht the samyn and confirmatioun thairof in parliament wirk ony thing in favour of the said umquhill Johnis airis and successouris, to the hurt and prejudice of the saidis James and Agnes, thair rychtis, titillis, decreittis or actionis that thai haif, hes or may haif aganis thame, as at mair lenth is contenit in the said supplicatioun; quhilk being first sene and considderit be our said soverane lord and lordis of articlis, and thaireftir be his hienes and thrie estaitis of this present parliament, oure said soverane lord, with advise and consent of his saidis thrie estaitis convenit to this parliament, decernis and declairis the foirsaidis rychtis and decreittis obtenit be the saidis James Murray and Agnes Cunynghame and ather of thame in maner foirsaid, and that the samyn nor nane of thame to be comprehendit under the said act, ordinance and ratificatioun, and that the samyn act and benefite thairof sall not be extendit thairupoun, nor in nawayis be prejudiciall to the saidis James and Agnes or ather of thame and thair decreitis; and declairis the samyn to haif fuill strenth, force and effect in all tyme cuming.

  1. NAS, PA2/13, f.68v.
  2. 'P.' written in margin.