Act grantit to the Laird of Holmendis and his freindis

2The kingis majestie, with avise of the thrie estaitis and haill lordis of this present parliament, ordanis the lyke favour, grace and privelege to be grantit to George Carrutheris of Howmanis, Johnne Carrudderis of Harkwod, his sone, Symone Carrudderis of Rammelskellis, thair kin, freindis, servandis, dependaris and parttakaris, as was grantit and concludit at the burgh of Perth in the moneth of [...], the yeir of God jM vC thriescoir tuelf yeiris, in the pacificatioun maid and concludit at the tyme foirsaid, as gif thay or ather of thame wer speciallie comprehendit thairintill; as also that the haill lawis, constitutionis and securiteis grantit in this present parliament in favouris of Johnne, lord Hammyltoun, and his colligis, with the generall abolitioun comprehendit thairintill, salbe extendit to haif place in personis of the saidis George and utheris foirsaidis, with all clausis, articlis and conditionis contenit thairintill, to be als lairglie interprete for thair bettir securitie and in thair favouris as gif thay, or uther of thame, wer expreslie nominat and continit thairintill, swa that they may frelie bruik, joise and possess thair landis, rowmes, officeis, possessonis and digniteis, nochtwithstanding quhatsumevir foirfaltouris led or deducit aganis thame, or ather of thame, for quhatsumevir crymes or offences, and as the samyn nevir had bene criminall, remitting frelie the rancor of his hienes mynd and dischairging expreslie all actioun, civill or criminall, that may be movit for ony of the saidis crymes or utheris that may result thairupoun to be intentit be his hienes or his advocattis or parteis quhatsumevir propunding entress, swa that the same sall nevir be imputit to thame be his hienes or his successouris in tyme cuming of quhatsumevir natuir or conditioun the same be committit and done at ony tyme sen his majesteis coronatioun. And forder, for thair bettir securitie and for establisching of ane perfyte peace in tyme cuming, swa that his hienes haill subjectis may be reducit to his perfyte obedience, and that the memorie of quhatsumevir deidis or factis committit heirtofoir sall nevir be renewit be ony of the saidis subjectis, bot extinctit and buriit in perpetuall oblivioun in all tymes heireftir, his majestie, with advise foirsaid, imponis perpetuall silence to all and quhatsumevir the saidis parteis to renew the memoreis of the saidis factis, dischairging all actioun, civill or criminall, that may be movit or intentit thairupoun, and that the contravenaris thairof sall be haldin and repute as perturbatouris of the commoun peace; and this to be extendit in maist ample forme.

  1. NAS, PA2/13, ff.58v-59r.
  2. 'P.' written in margin.