Procedure: protest

The quhilk day Alexander Rutherfurde, comissioner for the burgh of Abirdene, in presens of our soverane lord and thrie estaitis in parliament, protestit that2 gift and dispositioun and confirmatioun, with the revocatioun thairin contenit, off the rentis, proffeittis and dewateis of the blak and quhit freiris of Aberdene grantit in this present parliament to Maistir William Leslie be nawayis prejudiciall to the gift thairof maid and grantit be our soverane lord and ratefeit in3 hienes parliament to the burgh of Abirdene, for sustentatioun of thair puir and manteing of the hospitalitie of the said toun, and that in respect the said Maistir Williamis gift of the saidis freiris tuik nevir effect in his persoun be possessioun and als becaus the gift thairof maid and grantit to the said toun of Abirdene ad pios usus, viz., for sustentatioun of the puir and manteining of the hospitalitie as said is, can nawayis be revocable according to the lowable lawis and consuetude of this realme, inviolablie observit in all giftis, donationis and dispositionis maid to quhatsumevir burrowis within this realme off all and sindrie chaplanreis, prebendareis, freiris landis, annuelrentis, anniversareis and utheris quhatsumevir, quhilkis nevir hes bene callit in question be vertew of ony of oure soverane lordis revocatiounis, bot hes stand and yit standis in full force, strength and effect, notwithstanding the samyn.

  1. NAS, PA2/13, f.52r.
  2. APS reads, 'that the'.
  3. APS interpolation, 'his'.