Act in favour of the toun of Dumfreis

2The kingis majesttie, with advise of the thrie estaitis of this present parliament, understanding that his traist cousing and counsellour Johnne, erll of Mortoun, lord Maxwell, with his haill kin, freindis and servandis, during the tyme of the feid and lait trublis betuix him and Schir Johnne Johnnestoun of Daskellie, knycht, maid thair speciall repair within the toun of Dumfreis, stuffit and garnissit the same with men of armes victuall and all uther furnitour neidfull for thair defence, quhairunto the inhabitantis of the said burgh mycht not oppone thame selffis in consideratioun of the multitude of the said noble lordis freindis duelling round about and within the said burgh, notwithstanding quhairof fault may be input be thame and thair successoris to the said erll in ony sort with men, mony or victuall and for ressait and intercommoning with thame and assisting thairfoir, of his speciall favour, clemencie and guid will, hes gevin, grantit and disponit and, be thir presentis, gevis, grantis and disponis to his lovittis the provest, bailleis, counsall and commonitie of the said burgh the lyk benefite, favour and guid will as is contenit in the actis of abolitioun, generall pacificatioun and utheris grantit and concludit in this present parliament in favouris of Johnne, lord Hamyltoun, Archibald, erll of Angus, Johnne, erll of Mortoun and remanent thair colligis, as also the particular actis Johnne, erll of Mortoun, his kin, freindis, pairtie and pairttakaris, and that the same salbe maist lairglie extendit and interpreit in thair favouris, with all pasis, clausis and conditionis contenit thairintill, as gif thay and everyilk ane of thame war specialie expressit and comprehendit in the saidis actis swa far as the same may serve for thair best securitie, quhilkis his majestie hauldis as gif thay war expressit in this present act; and forther, for his hienes and his successouris, presentlie abolishis all actioun, civill or criminall, and offences commitit be the saidis personis or that may be laid to thair chairge, ather be his hienes or ony partie for quhatsumevir caus or occasioun bygane sen the moneth of Aprill in the yeir of God jM vC thriescoir nyne yeiris, renunceis, dischairgeis and abolishis all actioun, civill and criminall, quhilkis may atherer be pretendit be his hienes or the saidis parteis alleging thame selffis grevit, declairis expreslie the samyn to be extinct and condamnit in perpetuall oblivoun and the memorie thairof nevir to be renewit in ony sorte; and dischairgis be thir presentis the lordis of sessioun, justice generall, justice clerk, advocat, thesaurer and all utheris judgis quhatsumevir to proceid aganis the saidis personis or ony of thame heiranent; and forder, declairis the electionis of Johnne Maxwell of Newlaw, in provest of the said burgh, to be guid and sufficient in the selff and to stand for him and his successouris sua lang as the said Johnne Maxwell salbe authorizeit be commoun electioun or consent of the inhabitantis thairof, dischairging quhatsumevir utheris rychtis and securitie maid at ony tyme bypast or to be maid to ony uther persoun of the samyne in the contrair.

  1. NAS, PA2/13, f.51v.
  2. 'P.' written in margin.