Act in favouris of Erll of Angus anent the airis of Quhitlaw

2Oure soverane lord and thrie estaitis of this present parliament, understanding that Archibald, erll of Angus, be vertew of ane decreit arbitrall gevin be his hienes and lordis of secreit counsall, was decernit to pay the sowme of ten thowsand markis for the restitutioun of the airis of the Laird of Quhitlaw, procurit be the mediatioun and travellis of the said Archibald, erll of Angus, quhilk sowme he reallie payit, togidder with diverse utheris sowmes of money for the rycht of the landis and levingis of Quhitlaw maid be the saidis airis to him sen the restitutioun forsaid, quhairof oure soverane lord willis and grantis that he sall nawayis be defraudit; thairfoir his hienes and thrie estaitis foirsaidis decernis and ordinis that this generall restitutioun concludit in this present parliament and haill actis and articles thairof be nawayis extendit to the saidis airis of Quhitlaw, quhill the said Archibald, erll of Angus be sufficientlie satisfeit, as accordis, ordaning the said Archibald, erll of Angus to be repossessit to the said leving in the samyn estait as he was in befoir the pronunceing of ony sentence of forfaltour aganis him, and to bruike and injoye the samyn according to the rychtis maid to him thairupoun ay and quhill he be sufficientlie satisfeit as said is; and that notwithstanding ony pacificatioun or restitutioun grantit to thame.

  1. NAS, PA2/13, f.51r.
  2. 'P.' written in margin.