Act in favour of Maister Alexander Dunbar, dene of Murray

Anent the supplicatioun presentit to our soverane lord and thrie estaitis in the parliament be Maister Alexander Dunbar, dene of Murray, ane of the senatouris ordinar of his majesties college of justice, makand mentioun that in the tyme of umquhile hienes derrest gudame Marie, quene dowuar and regent of this realme for the tyme of guid memorie, he was as ane of the ordinaris of the college foirsaid and hes continewit thairin mair nor the space of xxv yeiris bipast, alsweill during hir tyme as the tyme of his majesties derrest moder, and sensyne, in his hienes awin tyme, as his majesteis maist constant faithfull and affectionat subject; and throw his lang and continewall travell, being now of guid aige, he is becum subject to sindrie infirmeteis in his persoun sua he is not able to continew in the service, albeit gude will inlakis not, maist humbly thairfoir beseiking his majestie and estaitis to have consideratioun of his lang service and present inhabilitie, and thairfoir, that he may possess his benefices without pament of ony thriddis during his lyftyme, enjoying thairby the privilege and immunitie sustening the ministeris thairat as he hes done in tymes past, and with that desiring his majestie maist humbly, in cais his inhabilitie continew, that his absence be not imput to him nor he haif loss thairby in his leving or place, or utherwyse that ane qualifiet man be nominat in his rowme for ministratioun of justice, reserving to him all privilegeis and immuniteis for his lang service, as the said supplicatioun proportis. Oure soverane lord and thrie estaitis forsaidis, understanding the desire of the said supplicatioun to be ressonable, thairfoir will and grantis that the absence of the said Maister Alexander fra his place in sessioun ony tyme sall nawyse be hurtfull or prejudiciall to him toward his said place and leving and enjoying of all privilegeis quhilkis he hes had in tymes bipast, sa lang as he at ony tyme may be able to travell and occupy his place foirsaid, and quhat tyme his infirmitie and inhabilitie beis sik that he becumis altogidder unable and may not cum to occupy the samin, ordanis than the lordis comissionaris to place ane uther qualefeit persoun in his place, according to the commissioun to be direct be our soverane lord thairanent, reserving allwyse to the said Maister Alexander, in consideratioun of his age and lang service, all privileges and immuniteis quhilkis he, as one of the saidis senatouris ordinar, hes had in tymes bigane, sua that he may bruik and possess all his benefices frie without payment of ony thriddis during his lyftyme, sustening the ministeris therat as he hes done in tymes bipast; and ordanis lettres to be direct heirupoun to mak publicatioun heirof, gif neid beis, in forme as effeiris.

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