Ratificatioun to the erll of Arrane and his spous

Oure soverane lord, with advyse of his thrie estaittis of parliament, for the guid, trew and thankfull service done to him be his rycht traist cousing and counsalour James, erll of Arrane, lord Avane and Hammiltoun, ratefeis, apprevis and, for him and his successouris, perpetuallie confermis all and quhatsumevir infeftmentis, giftis, dispositionis, takkis and assedationis of quhatsumevir landis, lordschippis, baroneis, tennentis, tenandreis and service of frie tennentis, offices, services, leid myndis and utheris quhatsumevir maid befoir the dait of thir presentis be his hienes to his said rycht traist cousing and counsallour, and to Dame Elizabeth Stewart, countes of Arrane, his spous; and will and grantis, for him and his successouris, that the generall ratificatioun and approbatioun foirsaid salbe als effectuall and sufficient in all respectis as gif the haill infeftmentis, giftis, dispositionis, takkis and assedationis wer heirin specealie expremit, declarand and, be thir presentis, decernand the samine and everie ane of thame to be exceptit, like as his hienes, be thir presentis, exceptis the samine furth of all and sindrie his hienes generall and speceall revocationis maid at ony tyme preceding the dait heirof, and ordanis one speceall act of parliament to be maid heirupoun, with extensioun of all clausis neidfull.

  1. NAS, PA2/13, f.19r.