Act annulling the pensionis gevin out off the archibischoprik off Sanctandrois and bischoprik of Aberdene

Forsamekle as the geving of pensionis furth of benefices of cuir within this realme from verie ancient tyme, evin in the dayis of our soverane lordis noble progenitouris, King James the First of maist nobill and worthie memorie, hes bene considerit to be the dismembering of the saidis benefices and sua ane inconvenient, insufferable within this realme, that the purchessaris thairof in parliament wer dischairgit of the samyn and the ordinaris inhibit to mell in that mater, as in ane speciall act of parliament maid in the dayis of the said King James the First may cleirlie appear; and neverertheles, the samyn abuse and inconvenient hes this lang tyme bypast, during the tyme of our soverane lordis minoritie, increscit to sic ane heiche misordour, speciallie in the achiebishoprik of Sanctandrois and bishoprik of Aberdene, quhilkis ar sa exhaustit with ane greit numer of pensionis gevin furth of the twa part thairof and that be the meanis of thame that governit the realme for the tyme quhen the saidis benefices vakit, and partlie be the importune and ardent solistatioun, yea, partlie be manassing and boisting of sic as our said soverane lord knawis it wes hard to thame to withstand, sua gif the saidis pensionis remanis as ane burding upoun the said archiebishoprik of Sanctandrois and bishoprik off Aberdene, it sall not be able to Patrik, now archiebishop of Sanctandrois and David, bishop of Aberdene to sustene the charge of the owirsicht of thair dioceise and to assist his hienes with thair advise and counsall quhen the necessitie of the commoun effairis sall require; thairfoir, our soverane lord, be advise of the thrie estatis in this present parliament, maist willing to putt ordour heirunto be ressoun that the saidis present possessouris ar dalie burdenit not onlie with the charge of thair awin diocise, bot inlikmaner with his grace service in counsall and utherwayis, hes cassit, rescindit, retretit and annullit and, be this present act, retretis, casis and annullis all and sindrie giftis of pensionis disponit and gevin to quhatsumevir persoun or personis, be quhatsumevir persoun or personis, furth of the said archiebishoprik of Sanctandrois and bischoprik of Aberdene at ony tyme preceding the dait heirof, with all confirmationis, decreitis and lettres obtenit conforme thairto, and that but ony forder declaratour or proces of law; and oure said soverane lord, be the tennour heirof, declaris and ordinis the saidis personis, and every ane of thame, to be consolidat and revincit, likas his hienes consolidatis and revincis thame to the saidis benefices respective furth of the quhilkis the samyn wer disponit and gevin, and dischargis the lordis of his hienes sessioun and all utheris jugeis, ministeris and officiaris of his lawis, that nane of thame admitt ony of the saidis pensionis in jugement, decreit or decerne lettres conforme thairto, or in ony soirt appreve the samyn, or proceid in ony actioun that may result directlie or indirectlie thairupoun be way of actioun, suspensioun, warrandice or utherwayis in tyme cuming, saulffand and exceptand onlie the pensionis underwrittin providit to the personis underspecifiit: thay ar to say, thrie hundreth thrie poundis money of the meillis of the landis of Keig and Monymusk to James Adamsoun, eldest lawfull sone to the said archiebishop; ane hundreth and sex pondis to James Arthour, the half quhairof is transferrit in Patrik Adamsoun, secund sone to the said archiebishop; thrie chalderis, twa bollis quheitt, beir and aittis equallie out of Killrynnie to Walter Cokburne; fourtie poundis of the teyndis of Farny to Hew Lyndsay; fiftie poundis of the meillis of the landis of Angus to Paull Lyndsay; fiftie pundis of the meillis of the landis of Stow to Maister Robert Nicoll, doctour in medecine; fiftie poundis of the teyndis of Kynpont and utheris in the parochin of Kirklistoun to Hieronyme Bowy, maister of his hienes wyne sellair; ane hundreth poundis of the teyndis of the parochin of Kirklistoun or few meillis thairoff to the relict and bairnis of umquhill Hew Tod; twa chalderis of quheit out of the landis of Letham to Schir Robert Mailvill of Murdocairnie, knycht; and four chalderis aittis of the fermis of Killeith to Maister Johnne Sharp, advocatt, all being of the twa part of the said archiebishoprik of Sanctandrois; and fyve hundreth merkis to Schir Patrik Gordoun of Auchindoun, knycht, furth of the temporall landis and twa part of the bishoprik of Aberdene. Quhilkis pensionis his hienes and estaitis foirsaidis declaris na wayis to be annullit be the said act, bot that the personis respective abonespecifeit providit unto the saidis pensionis as said is sall bruik and jois the samyn according to the giftis and titillis maid to thame of the samyn as gif the said act had not bene maid.

  1. NAS, PA2/13, f.18r-19r.