Legislation: private act
Act in favour of Schir Richard Maitland of Lethingtoun, knicht

Anent the supplicatioun presentit to oure soverane lord and his thrie estaitis in this present parliament be Schir Richard Maitland of Lethingtoun, knycht, makand mentioun that quhair in ane parliament haldin at Edinburgh, the xx day of October, the yeir of God jM vC thriescoir [...] yeiris, in our soverane lordis yung aige, thair wes ane act maid thairin dischargeing all actioun of spoilyie, ejectioun, violence and proffittis that had or micht follow thairupoun, quhilk the said Schir Richard had or micht persew aganis umquhill Capitane David Home of Fishik, knycht, and his complices, for spoilyeing and ejecting him furth of his place, manys and landis of Lethingtoun and quhatsumevir his intromissioun thairwith, guddis and geir being thairupoun or within his said place, as in the said act at mair lenth is contenit, quhilk act wes maid expres aganis all lawis, the said Schir Richard, the partie, not being callit thairto, nor his caus hard nor discussit ony wayis of befoir, nather yit wes thair ony falt or cryme committit be him quhairby ony his landis or guddis micht have bene takin fra him, nor evir befoir, nor sensyne wes he callit or convict of ony sic cryme, and sa it may not stand with equitie nor yit of our soverane lordis conscience that the said act may or suld stand or tak effect aganis the said Schir Richard, likas at mair lenth is contenit in the said supplicatioun; quhairfoir our said soverane lord, movit in conscience with advise of his thrie estatis convenit in this present parliament, dischairgis, retreittis and annullis the said former act of parliament maid in favouris of the said Schir David and restoris and reponis the said Schir Richard, his airis and executouris and assignais in integrum aganis the same act and haill contentis thairof, and declaris and ordinis him and his foirsaidis to have als guid actioun and siclike proces and executioun aganis the airis and executouris of the said umquhill Schir David and utheris personis, his assistaris, quhom aganis the said Schir Richard may have actioun competent thairfoir, siclike as the said act had nevir bene maid nor put in registre, dischargeing the said Schir David and his complices thairoff as said is.

  1. NAS, PA2/13, ff.17v-18r.