Anent the dissolutioun of the unioun of landis annext to the croun to be sett be oure soverane lord in fewferme

Forsamekle as in ancient tymes our soverane lordis maist noble progenitouris, with consent of the thrie estatis of parliament, have jugeit it maist convenient for weill of the realme that every frie haldar, spirituall and temporall, suld sett thair landis in few, and that our said soveranes predicessouris of maist noble memorie being for the tyme be setting of thair awin landis, alsweill annexit as unannexit, in fewferme suld gif exemple to his frie haldaris to do the like, and to that effect, in diverse parliamentis haldin in the dayis of our soverane lordis progenitouris foirsaidis, the annexatioun and unioun off landis to the croun wes dissolvit; and now our soverane lord, followand the tread of his saidis predicessouris, for the grite desir quhilk his hienes hes that policie suld incresce within his realme, hes, be the advise of his saidis thrie estatis in parliament, dissolvit and, be the tennour of thir presentis, dissolvis the unioun and annexatioun of quhatsumevir landis, lordshippis, baroneis, mylnis, multuris, fishingis maid to the croun in this present parliament, or ony uther parliament haldin in his awin tyme, or in the dayis of quhatsumevir his hienes maist noble progenitouris to the effect that the samyn landis, lordshippis, baroneis, mylnis, multuris and fishingis, with thair pertinentis, may be sett in fewferme be his hienes, with advise of his comptrollair, present or to cum, to quhatsumevir persoun or personis his hienes pleisis. And oure said soverane lord and thrie estatis of this present parliament, be the tennour heiroff, declaris, decernis and ordinis that this present dissolutioun sall stand and be of full force for his hienes lyftyme, sua that the landis, lordshippis and baroneis quhilkis his hienes sall sett in fewferme in his awin tyme salbe suir and valiable to the personis, ressauaris thairoff, thair airis and successouris for evir, and that the anexationis of landis, lordshippis and baroneis maid in ony tyme preceding (safer as sall concerne the landis, lordshippis and baroneis quhilkis sall not happin to be sett in fewferme in his hienes awin tyme) sall efter his deceis returne to the awin natour, efter the forme of the dissolutionis maid befoir in the tyme of his maist noble pragenitoris, prowyding alwayis that the saidis infeftmentis of fewferme be nocht maid within the just availl to the prejudice and hurt of oure soverane lord and his successoris, that is to say, within the dewtie to the quhilkis the saidis landis ar returit or may be justlie returit for the new extent, quhilk new extent his hienes, with advise foirsaid, declaris to be the just availl of the saidis landis for the quhilk the samine may be sett in fewferme; prowyding alwayis that this present dissolutioun sall nocht be extendit to the landis of Ruthven, Erskene and utheris, the Erle of Anguis landis contenit in the kingis majesties signatour, bot the samine sall remane with the kingis majestie and his hienes successoris to be usit, occupiit and intromettit withe be his majesteis comptrolleris present and that salhappin to be for the tyme, in sik sort and in the samine maner as the saidis landis wes usit be the lordis and proprietaris thairof afoir thair foirfaltour; nather sall it be lesum to ony his majesteis subjectis to purches few, tak or rentell of the samine or ony uther cullour of rycht quhairby thai may pretend to interpone thame selfis betuix his hienes comptroller and the tennentis, lauboraris of the landis foirsaidis; quhilkis fewis, takis, rentellis or uther quhatsumevir alreddie purchest or to be purchest, contrar the tennour of this present provisioun, the kingis majestie, with advise of his hienes thrie estaitis foirsaidis, declaris to haif bene and to be null of the law and siclyk in all tyme cumming.

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