Ane act for annulling of the sucessoriis of prelaciis purchest of his hienes in the trublous tymis bypast of his yung aige

Forsamekle as sindrie personis, the titularis and possessouris of the abbayis, prioriis and nunreis within this realme, have, in the trublsum tymis bygane of his hienes yung aige, purchest provisionis, giftis and dispositionis maid to thair awin bairnis or nearest kynnisfolkis of the same abbayis, prioriis, and nunriis upoun thair awin resignationis and dimissionis, with reservatioun of thair awin lyfrentis, makand, as it wer, heretable conquest of the saidis abbayis, prioriis and nunriis being foundat upoun the landis and rentis gevin out of auld of the propertie of the croun, and with the quhilk it wer maist reasounable the same suld be agane suppleit; thairfoir our soverane lord and his thrie estaitis convenit in this present parliament decernis and declairis all the saidis giftis, provisionis and dispositionis of successoriis of prelaciis, abbaciis, prioriis and nunriis maid or grantit be his hienes to quhatsumevir personis, his hienes subjectis, upoun the resignationis or dimissionis of the possessouris of the same abbayis, prioriis and titularis of the same, with reservatioun of thair awin lyfrentis, ar, and salbe, of nane availl, strenth, force nor effect with all that hes followit or salhappin to follow thairupoun without farder proces; and that na gift or provisioun of ony sic prelacie salbe valiable in ony tyme to cum except it sall vaik be deceis, foirfaltour or simple dimissioun of the possessour thairoff and na utherwayis without prejudice alwayes of the lyfrentaris and present usufructuaris,2 provyding alwayis that the provisioun maid to Maister Merk Ker, commendatar of the abbay of Newbottle, maister of his hienes requeistis, of the same abbay, in the reign of his hienes derrest mother efter hir perfyte aige, nor the lait provisioun maid to Maister Edward Bruce, ane of the commissaris of Edinburgh, of the abbay of Kinloss, with reservatioun of the present abbottis lyifrent thairof, sall not be comprehendit under this present act of parliament, nor the same act extendit thairunto directlie or indirectlie, bot bayth the saidis provisionis exceptit furth of the same.

  1. NAS, PA2/13, f.11v.
  2. Rest of act in same hand but different ink.