Pacificatioun to David Melvill

Oure soverane lord, understanding that David Melvill of Newmylne obtenit his hienes benefite of pacificatioun, restorand him thairby to all landis, rowmis, possessionis quhilkis pertenit to him or ony wayis micht pertene to him befoir the dome of foirfalture led aganis him for ony caus or occasioun preceding the dait of the said act of pacificatioun, and also hes grantit the lik grace, favour and privilege and benefite as is contenit in the pacificatioun maid and accordit upoun at Perth, the xxiij day of Februar in the yeir of God jM vC lxxij yeiris, ratifiit and confermit in parliament haldin at Edinburgh in the moneth of Aprill nixt thairefter, thairfoir our said soverane lord, with avise of the saidis thrie estatis off parliament, hes ratefeit and apprevit and, by the tennour heiroff, ratifeis and apprevis the said benefite of pacificatioun gevin and grantit to the said David in maner foirsaid, and ordinis the samyn haill clausis and articles thairof to be als largelie and favorablie extendit in favouris of the said David and his airis as he wer speciallie nominat and comprehendit thairin, or as gif the saidis haill articles and clausis of the samyn wer herein expreslie contenit; and decernis and declaris the samyn to have full effect and force for saiftie of him in body, landis and guddis, and siclik for repossessing of him to quhatsumevir his landis, rowmis or possessionis quhilk he had befoir the tyme of his foirfalture, providing that the granting of the said pacificatioun on na wayis extend to the odious murthouris of our soverane lordis darrest fader and tua regentis, bot be thir presentis speciallie and exceptis the samyn; and ordinis lettres of publicatioun to be direct heirupoun in forme as effeiris.

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