Ane act annulling ane confirmatioun grantit of the landis of the erldome of Gowrie

Oure soverane lord, with advise of his thrie estatis of parliament, remembring that be the ordinance maid be his hienes and lordis of previe counsell at Striveling immediatlie efter the recovering thairof, it wes ordinit that na signature of infeftment, confirmatioun or richt of ony landis quhairby his majestie mycht be interessit suld be exped but advise of his secrete counsall sittand, and that Adame Hepburne of Ballinhard hes obtenit ane confirmatioun of the infeftment of fewferme maid to him be umquhill Patrik, bishop of Murray, commendatare of the abbay of Scone for the tyme, off all and haill the landis of Durdeis and utheris contenit thairin, lyand within the regalitie of Scone and sherefdome of Perth, quhilkis ar ane part of the landis laitlie annexit to the erldome of Gowrie, now becummand in his majesties handis be proces and dome of foirfalture ordourlie led aganis umquhill Williame, sumtyme erll of Gowrie, lord Ruthven and Dirltoun, quhilk confirmatioun his hienes and thrie estatis foirsaidis have considerit to be purchessit contrare the forme and tennour off the said ordinance and to the great prejudice and hurt of our soverane lord; and thairfoir his majestie, with avise of his hienes thrie estatis, decernis and declaris the said confirmatioun, with all that followit or may follow thairupoun, to be null and of nane availl.

  1. NAS, PA2/12, f.127r.